We’re three days in…


It’s day three which means it’s wednesday. Let me just start by saying Happy Humpday everyone – I love, love, love Wednesdays. Want to know why? Because tomorrow is Thursday and that means the weekend is just a couple of days away…


It’s PRIMER day!




I’ve been seriously excited about today because I’ve been wanting to review Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer for ages. It’s a product that I got as a free gift from Birchbox, and as I’d heard such good things about it, I’ve been seriously excited to try it out. I normally use Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser as a primer but for the brawl I wanted to see whether Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer lives up to the hype!


According to Benefit, this pink-hued primer should be silky and easy to blend, and should make skin look brighter and smoother. Containing light-reflecting pigments and raspberry and chamomile to soothe skin, it smells wonderfully fruity and fresh. The thing that I love about That Gal is that it’s suitable for all skin tones and can be worn alone, as well as under makeup.


Today’s card…


FullSizeRender (46)


I don’t know quite what I was expecting from That Gal, but it wasn’t the creamy, moisturiser-like, silky liquid that I got. Because of how light the formula is, it glides seamlessly onto the skin and blends in seconds. I love the fact that this primer brightens and evens out my skin tone but that’s about it.


When I think of a primer, I think of a product that mattifies the skin and makes it easier to apply seamless foundation to. This product doesn’t do this, it’s pearly pink liquid acts more as a highlighter than anything else. Don’t get me wrong it’s very pretty and it does do what it says on the packet – it brightens and smooths the skin, but as a primer it sucks. I am a big fan of Benefit The POREfessional, it’s a great primer, but That Gal, I’m not so keen on. However, I’ll definitely be using it as a highlighter – it’s so pretty.


I LOVE the packaging of this product. It’s stylish, smart, and oh so pretty. I’m not too sure about the container itself though – for a primer it’s quite big and bulky. Then again, the twist bottom is easy to use… Overall, I love the pretty illustrated packaging, it’s different to the norm which I love.


Priced at £22.50 it’s not exactly a budget-friendly product. Normally, I’m happy to pay Benefit’s higher than average prices because I love the products, but for That Gal, I have to say the price is too high.


Do I love it?




I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. I think as a primer, That Gal sucks, but as a brightening highlighter it works well. I wouldn’t spend £22.50 on it but it is nice to have in your makeup bag. I like the idea of wearing it on makeup-free days to give my skin that little boost it needs. Have you tried Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer, what did you think of it?


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