I don’t really suffer from spots, or facial blemishes, but I do have dry skin. I am one of those unlucky people who, no matter how often they moisturise, always ends up with a dry, slightly sore face.


In my quest for the best moisturising products on the market, I have tried various creams and serums. Until now, however, I had not tried out a hydrating facial mask. When I was offered the chance to test out the PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Facial Mask*, I jumped at the chance. I’d heard great things about these masks, in terms of how they can help dry skin, so I was super excited to give them a try.


As well as being fantastic for dry skin, these masks are also great for using on aging skin, as they help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. At 22-years-old – 23 next week, I haven’t got to that age where wrinkles are a problem. So I can’t comment on this side of the product. However, I will be giving my mum one of the masks to try, so will report back on that side of things.


From Vitamin Planet’s UK website: “Each PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Facial Mask has been expertly created with a 3-layer micro trans-fibre mask which effectively provides your skin with the most superior hydration ever from a face mask. As a result, dryness is immediately reduced, signs of ageing are diminished and skin appears more youthful, tighter, firmer and smoother.”


As the instructions suggest, before using the facial mask, I removed all my makeup by cleansing my face. For this I used my everyday cleanser, Forever Living’s Aloe Hand & Face Soap.


Once I had dried my face, I then got ready to apply the face mask. As I have long hair – it gets everywhere, I thought it would be best to tie it up. And, I was so glad that I did, as the mask was incredibly wet.


When I initially opened the packaging, I was shocked at how moist it was. Just to clarify, not shocked in a bad way, I just hadn’t come across a face mask that was so wet before. As each hydrating mask contains a whole bottle of specialist serum, I should have realised how wet the mask would actually, be.


IMG_2518 (1)

(Before trying out the mask)


Once I had unfolded the mask – very carefully, I should add, as it’s quite thin, I removed the white plastic layer and placed the mask onto my face. Unlike any other facial mask I have used, this mask stuck closely to my face – probably because of how moist it was. I then peeled off the blue layer, as the instructions say to do, and sat back and relaxed for 15 minutes.



(Face mask on)


As you will see from this picture, the mask didn’t fit my face properly, it was a little too big. However, that didn’t really matter in terms of the results of the product. It just made it a little bit harder to apply to my face, that’s all.


I must admit, that before putting on the mask, I was a little concerned about whether it would irritate my skin. You see, as well as having dry skin, I also have incredibly sensitive skin. However, I can report back that there was no stinging or burning, or anything like that. (I have finally found a face mask that agrees with my super sensitive skin, and I couldn’t be happier.)


Once the 15 minutes were up, I removed the mask and rubbed the excess serum into my skin. I could of wiped it off with a tissue, but I didn’t want to waste it. At first, my face was a little bit  sticky, but after a couple of minutes the excess serum was absorbed, and the stickiness subsided.


Before using the mask, my skin had dry, patchy areas. However, after 15 minutes of hydration, these dry areas had pretty much, all disappeared. As well as looking less dry, my skin felt more hydrated, and was much softer and smoother. It almost felt like I had just rubbed in some of my favourite moisturiser – pretty amazing results, I must say.



(Just after removing the mask – hence the dewy appearance)


Prior to using this product, my skin was red in certain areas – it’s a family trait. Immediately after use, it was even more red. However, within five minutes the redness had started to subside, and my skin was left less red than it had been before. A couple of hours later, some of the redness returned, and my skin was much more peachy.


While I loved the results from this product, and the fact that it didn’t sting my skin, I don’t know if I would buy it. This is purely because of the price, at £24.99 for five masks, it is expensive. That being said, the results from using just one of these masks are almost as good as the results you would get from a facial from a beautician. If I had more money in my bank account, I would buy them without a second thought.


If you want to give this facial mask a try, you can get yours, here.
*PR Sample from Vitamin Planet