A lot of women have a dream wedding that they would love to make come true. They might have been planning it since they were a little girl. Unfortunately, you have to take grown-up realities into account when you plan your wedding. One of those realities is your budget, which influences how much you can do. Some couples might completely disregard what they can realistically afford. Most are more sensible. However, just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean your wedding can’t look expensive. If you want to fool people into thinking you’ve spent more than you have, try some of these tricks.


Focus Your Money on the Right Costs


There are some things that you can’t DIY your way out of. There’s no denying that you need to take the professional, ready-made route for some of your wedding. So what can’t you afford to skimp on? If you want to create an expensive-looking wedding, you should start by focusing on the venue. You could dress up a cheaper venue, but there are some things you just can’t hide. Besides, it doesn’t cost as much as you might think to get married in a country manor house or a beautiful hotel. Another thing you might consider investing a little more money in is the food.


Keep It Simple


If you look at a lot of expensive and glamorous weddings, many of them aren’t over the top. You don’t have to have lots of glitz and fussy decorations to make it look classy. In fact, keeping things simple can make your wedding even more sophisticated. Plain white tablecloths can look much smarter than having fussy table runners or huge flower arrangements. So don’t go overboard with making DIY decorations. Stick to neutral but light colours, such as white, cream, ivory and light grey.


Choose DIY Elements Carefully


Doing some DIY decorations can certainly add a touch of elegance to your wedding. You can also cut lots of costs but get similar results if you do it right. For example, you could create lovely party favours that look the same as more expensive ones. By putting them together yourself, you remove the cost of paying someone else to do it. It’s cheaper to buy a big bag of chocolates and some gauze gift bags than to buy the chocolates already inside the tiny bags. A great way to do some sophisticated DIY is to focus on your stationery. Just remember to keep it simple.


Rent Outfits


Yes, buying a wedding dress is the traditional thing to do. You might love the thought of the dress being yours to keep. But what will actually happen to it after the big day? You might dye it and wear it to smart events, but how likely is that to happen? Perhaps you want to keep it to hand down the family. However, it’s just as likely it will soon be lost, or you’ll decide to sell it or give it away. Renting your dress means you can get something more expensive and save lots of money at the same time.


You don’t have to blow your budget to have a wedding that looks expensive. The right touches can give it the sophistication you want.