A big part of a business is making your brand stand out. A lot of the time, your company can struggle because of simple issues. One of these can be your logo. A bland and boring business logo won’t help your brand stand out.


So, what can you do? Well, you can always create a new and improved business logo! As luck would have it, I have a guide to help you do just that:

Ensure It’s Eye Catching & Suitable


The thing about logo design is that it’s a very simple concept. There are certain things that all good logos have. For one, they catch people’s attention. They’re easy to look at, and you can’t help but stare at them when you see them. Secondly, they have to be suitable for your business. Trying to make your logo look like a cat will make sense if you run a cat grooming business. But, it’s not suitable for chartered accounts! Also, your logo can’t be offensive. This means no offensive words or obscene gestures in the logo. Pay close attention to ensure you haven’t accidentally included something that offends anyone.


Hire A Designer


There’s a big difference between knowing what makes a good design, and being able to create it. Yes, your design needs to follow the ideas that I’ve illustrated in the above point. But, it will only look good if it’s professionally designed. To achieve this, you have to hire a designer. There are plenty of graphic designers looking for work that can help you out. The best thing is, they’re freelance! So, you don’t have to deal with a contract and hire a full-time employee. Just pay them for this job, and that’s it!




Trademark Your Logo


Now, you just spent some time working with your designer and creating many logo ideas. There were some that you loved, and some that you hated. But, there was only one winner. You’ve finally created the perfect business logo, so, what’s next? You might be excited to reveal it to the world and watch them gasp with joy. However, there’s one step you must pursue first. Get your logo trademarked so no one can steal it without ramifications. There are companies like the Trademark Consultants that can help you do this. It doesn’t take long to slap a trademark on something, and you’ll regret not doing it.


Reveal It To The World


Once the trademark issue is solved, it’s time to reveal your logo to the world. To do this, you should get on social media. Post it on all of your social media accounts for the biggest effect. Also, write a short blog about it on your website. This is good as you can describe the thought process behind the logo and people may find it interesting. Finally, ensure you update everything with your new logo on it. This may take time, but, it’s essential so you need to do it.


Hopefully, this guide provides you with all the business logo advice you need. Now, create a logo, and bring success to your startup.