We can be pretty withering about technology when we want to be, and we often do want to. There’s been a saying for a few decades now that to err is human, but to really mess up takes a computer. Which is funny, no doubt, but our relationship with tech maybe needs to get more mature. While of course it presents us with issues, there can be no questioning that is has been a big help in many ways.


Perhaps most importantly for many of us, tech has made running a business so much more convenient and realistic. Home businesses have always existed, of course. Where tech comes in is in allowing us, the sole traders and the lifestyle business owners to survive in a competitive world.


Think of any part of the business world – marketing, sourcing, communication and more besides. Think how hard any of those would be to run without the tech that has popped up in all of our homes in the last few decades. It’s hard to exaggerate just what a difference it has all made.


You Can’t Be A Success If People Can’t Find You


When many of us were kids, you bought things in one of two ways. You went into your city or town centre and found them in a shop, or you purchased by mail order.


If you wanted to sell things, then those were your options too – so you needed premises or a mail order address. In either case, to bring the customers in, you needed to spend on advertising. In 2016, a savvy online business can market itself entirely on the web, and for free. Sure, a little spending will give you a signal boost, but it’s nothing compared to how tricky and expensive it used to be.


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining




It’s certainly not true to suggest that tech and business have only recently become connected. Tech as we know it exists because business needed it. Businesses have been storing records digitally for decades. However, this brings us back to the issue of cost.


Business servers and networks cost the kind of money that is prohibitive to a business just starting out. Fortunately the need for those has been reduced by the likes of Clear Cloud Services. Cloud-based technology makes it realistic for you to grow your business without needing to grow your budget.


Reach Out, I’ll Be There!


One of the most fundamental ways business has changed with tech is one familiar to us all. Even those of us who don’t run a business use tech to communicate every day. Those of us with business needs can use email to contact customers and suppliers. We can run customer services via social networking. Instead of needing to jump on a plane to speak with overseas clients, we can Skype chat with them.


Although tech may still make us frustrated more often than we would like, let’s go easy on it. Marketing, communication, storage and sourcing used to cost thousands just to get started. Today you can run a business on a shoestring – and it’s all thanks to technology!