The Affordable Customisable Palette That Every Makeup Lover Needs



I’ve been dreaming about making my own customisable palette for months. The reason I’ve been putting it off is because of the cost – most of the customisable palettes on the market top £50. From the prestigious Z Palette to MAC Custom Palette, they’re all just so expensive and so out of my price range.




However, there’s a new brand on the market that’s offering affordable customisable palettes. The brand is called Makeup Obsession, it’s another team TAM beauty brand – the same company that owns Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup. I’m a big fan of Makeup Revolution, so it’s safe to say when I heard via the UK Makeup Addicts Facebook group, that I’m part of, about this new brand, I was like a big kid at Christmas.




Currently, the customisable palettes are only available in a selected range of Boots stores, as well as online on the Boots website. There are two palette sizes to choose from – large and medium. The large palette can hold 12 singles, while the medium palette is able to hold six. Each palette size comes in a range of colours, and can hold a combination of eyeshadow, blush, contour, and highlighting pans.




The eyeshadow pans are just £2 each, while the contour, blush, and highlighter pans are £3 each. Because all of the pans are the same size, you can create a palette that contains a combination of each product type. I plan on making a six shade highlighter and blush palette and a 12 shade eyeshadow palette.




A budget-friendly customisable palette is just what us gals on a budget need. I can’t wait to head to my local Boots to make my palettes – I’ll be Instagramming my experience, so make sure to keep an eye on my feed!

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