A few weeks ago, I went to stay at my fiance’s parent’s house. They have a lovely home – all neat and tidy and spick and span. While I was there, I noticed how homey and welcoming their kitchen felt, unlike mine. There’s nothing wrong with my kitchen – it’s modern and well designed, and is kept nice and tidy – I’m a bit of neat freak with my house. However, in comparison to my partner’s parent’s kitchen, it feels somewhat clinical. It doesn’t have a warm and welcoming feel to it. I know I’m not alone, as a lot of my friend’s kitchens are the same – they lack those little things that make the space feel welcoming and homey.


So, I thought I would share some tips for what it takes to make your kitchen feel more warm and inviting.


Put up a bookshelf


Nestled in the corner of my partner’s parent’s kitchen was a bookshelf packed full of cookery books. There was something about this simple feature that made me feel instantly at home in their kitchen – it added a little something to the room. I have lots of cooking books, despite finding most of my recipes online, but have never thought to display them in my kitchen. If you’ve got the room and have lots of cookery books, adding a bookshelf can be a fantastic way to make your kitchen feel that little bit more welcoming.


Add a rug or two


One thing I’ve always hated about my kitchen is how cold it is in there, thanks to having a stone floor. I’ve often dreamed of having underfloor heating installed, but as I currently rent, that’s just a pipe dream. However, what I hadn’t thought of was adding a rug – I have rugs all around my home but not in my kitchen. My fiance’s parents have a runner rug in their kitchen, and I have to say it looked great. It added warmth and made the space feel that little bit more welcoming. There were also cushions on the kitchen chairs – another little touch that I loved. As well as tea towels draped over the backs of the chairs, making the space look lived in. Obviously, if you’re going to have your tea towels on show it’s best to invest in some quality ones. A word to the wise, don’t buy synthetic ones, opt for cotton tea towels instead. (These tend to last longer and wash better, so are a better option.)


Dot plants about


Another thing that I loved about their kitchen was the array of plants dotted around. There were plants everywhere – on the windowsill, nestled on the bookshelf, on top of the cupboards. I have plants in my living room and love the extra life they bring to the space – so I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to add them to my kitchen. Dot a few plants around your kitchen and you’ll be amazed at the difference they will make to the look and feel of the space. If you haven’t got a green thumb, fresh flowers in a vase can work just as well.


Just because you don’t spend time relaxing in your kitchen like you do in your living room, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be an inviting space. Take note of the tips above and give your kitchen the TLC it needs to be a more appealing place.