In Britain, we are certainly proud of our fashion trends, and it’s easy to see why – British-branded goods are extremely popular both here in the UK and abroad. With customers overseas noting that they are prepared to pay more for British brands of food, cars, clothes, and alcohol. British brands really are taking the fashion world by storm. 


Below is a guide to some of the best British brand outfit concepts that are perfectly on trend for AW18.


Men’s looks: bringing retro back 


All of the below trends come from London, Paris, New York and Milan’s catwalks, with British brands taking note of the on trend styles for the season.  You could see a retro, Nineties theme for menswear on the catwalk, so if you’re a hoarder when it comes to your wardrobe, you might have a few items already in there that will hit the mark this season!


Want to emulate the vintage look with fashion flair?


Hat: In the 90s, a staple was a hat. I actually remember the 90s and I can remember almost everyone wearing hats like all the time! So if you’re looking for a staple of the nineties-era that is the perfect combination of practiciality and style, a hat is a must-have item. Blend a British icon of fashion with another hot runway trend for the season with a classic check bucket hat from Burberry. Founded in Basingstoke in 1856 and with a history of supporting the British Army’s range of apparel in during the First and Second World Wars, Burberry is the epitome of reliable, durable clothing that balances fashion and purpose.

Shirt: Graphic print shirts are the way to go for a truly Nineties look (I remember my dad had a shirt like this back in the mid-nineties), and you can incorporate them with a handful of other fashion-week-fresh trends. Layering is once again a big deal this season, so why not layer up your printed tees with another Autumn/Winter 2019 essential — checks, with a check shirt left open? Or, you could reverse this trend and wear a check shirt underneath your slogan tee.


This season, lots of British brands are flaunting lots of graphic tee designs that will help you get through the season.

River Island is one of these brands that has lots of tees available to choose from.  You can also support both British brands and British people with a purchase through Good Joe. They have a wide range of graphic print tees and when you buy one, they give a new item of clothing to someone in need in the UK!


Jacket: Personally, I think a jacket makes a look. The good news is that this season you have a few choices in terms of what jacket you opt to purchase, from quilted jackets to wind cheaters and leather coats, each of these were seen on catwalks this season. One of the best-known leather jacket retailers is UK brand AllSaints. Keep the jacket open to mimic the looks sported by models at the world’s various fashion weeks. For days when the weather is colder, you might need something a little warmer, such as from Superdry. It doesn’t get much more British than Superdry, and they are the go-to name for quilted jackets.


Trousers: Back in the nineties trousers can in three main options: the ever-useful cargo pants, the essential baggy jeans, or the ripped jean look. The latter is still a totally acceptable choice for a modern 2010’s wardrobe, so you might already have a pair hanging in your wardrobe. 


Shoes: The nineties and “trainer culture” go hand in hand. Want an authentic nod to retro footwear – opt for trainers. You cannot go wrong with a pair of classic trainers from Gola. Remaining true to its British roots, Gola hit its stride with the launch of the Harrier style shoe and iconic Gola bag.


Women’s outfit: a nod to the Nineties


As with the male models, the female models were all strutting their stuff in nineties attire. Which means that it’s time to take a trip to shops to see what nineties fashion you can find to channel your inner Rachel.


Britain leads the way with fashionable retro vibes, here’s how to put together the perfect vintage look:


Dress: How about we cross off two essentials of the era? The trend of denim and dungarees, all wrapped up in a stylish dress.(I am loving this trend, I have a dungaree dress and I wear it constantly.) River Island has a brilliant denim dungaree dress that will bring the nineties nostalgia to any outfit, and its frayed hem harkens that ripped-jean look of the decade too. I like to wear my dungaree dress with a combination of different tops under it, layering to stay nice and cosy and teaming with a pair of thick woollen tights. 


Jacket: Keep warm and cosy in the colder winter weather in a retro windbreaker jacket. Back in the nineties, these beloved coats came in all manner of styles and designs, and today is no different, so you’re sure to find a design perfect for your style. While many high street stores have their new lines, why not take a look at some vintage shops to find yourself a bona fide jacket that was there for the nineties? (I am a major lover of vintage fashion, so these shops are my absolute favourite to shop at.)


Shoes: Want a touch of space-age chic to your look? Splash a little futuristic metallic into your outfit with silver trainers — let’s face it, if the movies are anything to go by, the future is various metallic shades and a whole lot of chrome. Sure, if you’re a hardcore nineties chic, you might want to seek out a pair of Spice Girls-worthy platform shoes. But a good pair of vintage trainers will be a godsend for those days when your feet need a rest in something comfy.


BagWhen it comes to retro bags, the sky’s the limit. Bags in the Nineties were, frankly, insane and widely varied: you need a mini-purse? Got it. Sparkles? Sure. Clear PVC bags? So in. Fluffy? Feathers? Chains? Check, check, and check. Prints, colours, flowers, logos, animal prints, honestly, there were no right or wrong answers. And even if there were wrong answers, that’s exactly what made it chic. Go wild with your choice of bag!


Will you be ‘updating’ your wardrobe with some Nineties essentials? Stay one step ahead by dipping your toes back in the past!