Ever since I heard about the customisable Makeup Obsession palettes I have been DYING to make my own. All the girls on the makeup group that I’m part of on Facebook have been going mad for them, so I knew that they must be good. (We makeup addicts don’t rave about any old product – we have very high standards!)


Anyway, when I got the chance last Thursday to get my hands on my very own Makeup Obsession palette, I jumped at the chance. Because I’m on a budget at the moment due to it being Christmas in a few weeks time, I was meant to be getting the small sized palette that holds six singles. However, like most of the beauty world, I’m currently obsessed with rose gold, so when I saw the large palette in rose gold that holds 12 pans, I couldn’t resist.




I must admit, when I saw what seemed like hundreds of eyeshadow shades, highlighters, strobing creams, contouring shades, and blushes, I was a little overwhelmed – there were just so many options to choose from. So after some thought, I decided that my first palette would be a highlighter and eyeshadow palette. The reason for this is that I’ve already got lots of blushes that I love, and contouring products that I swear by.


As well as picking up a large sized palette in rose gold for £8, I also picked out four pans for it. I opted for two eyeshadows at £2 each and two highlighters at £3 each. I would have filled the whole palette in one go but as money is a little tight, what with Christmas and all, I decided that I would build it up bit by bit.




For my eyeshadows, I opted for two pink-hued shades, one called ‘London, a shimmer eyeshadow base’ and the other ‘Scene’, a shimmer eyeshadow. What I love about the Makeup Obsession eyeshadows is that they’re incredibly pigmented, even the bases. For my highlighters, I chose ‘Bronze’, a pink-hued highlighting powder, and ‘Pearl’, a creamy highlighting powder. I love how wonderfully silky and easy to apply the Makeup Obsession highlighters are, they go on so easily and give a wonderful glow.




When I got to the till, I was asked if I would like my palette engraved. I must admit I was tempted, but I couldn’t decide what I would have written on it, so I declined. However, if I was buying a Makeup Obsession palette as a gift, I think engraving it would be a lovely little touch.  


I’ll be back soon with an update about my newest eyeshadow or highlighter pans.