Did you know that around 97 percent of new startups fail? Most businesses don’t even make it through their first year, and that fact might worry you. It should because it essentially means that the odds of you succeeding are already against you. But don’t despair just yet because the reason for these failures was almost always the same. Business owners spent more than they should have. Due to this the company model was unstable. Eventually, it caused the business to topple completely. So how can you avoid this mistake and start cutting costs today?


Outsource All You Can


If you’re running a small business your funds are probably going to be stretched to their limit as it is. Unfortunately, there are certain business processes that do tend to cost a fortune. An example of this would be marketing. When you market your business it can be incredibly expensive. A top SEO service will give you a quote once they have looked at your business profile. If very few people are aware of your business, you can expect the price to be substantial.


This isn’t the only area of your business that you should think about outsourcing. Little costs add up to a lot of money in the long term. You might not worry too much about the expense of paper in your business, but perhaps you should. Printing out all your files for clients might be costing your quite a lot of money. To avoid this, you can use an outsourcing print services team. They’ll handle all your printing jobs and the costs for you.


Reduce Staff Where Possible


I think it’s fair to say that a large team of staff can be a massive drain on your business. This is the mistake many owners make that bigger is always better. But that’s not true and employees are a great example of this. You might waste a fortune on wages for a large team of mainly unskilled workers. Instead, you should be hiring a small team that can achieve excellent levels of efficiency. You can even improve their performance by investing in training for them. Doing this will give you a fantastic ROI that will guarantee you are getting the most for your money.




Manage Funds Wisely


One of the biggest problems most business owners face with money is that they don’t know how to manage it. They might occasionally check their accounts. But for the most part, they simply ignore money completely and this is where trouble starts to occur. Since they are ignoring money, it’s easy to overspend and almost unavoidable. If you’re having trouble with money in your business, the best option is to hire help. Get a skilled accountant on the case and they will ensure you always have the cash you need.


Go Green


Finally, try to keep your business as green as possible. This might seem like a massive challenge but it isn’t really. You can start right now by upgrading your tech with equipment that uses less energy. Do this and you’ll see great savings over the next few months.