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In today’s culture of high-tech advertising, it is easy to forget about something as ‘insignificant’ as a business card. To most companies, they are dead. A new era is here, and it doesn’t have room for a simple, low-tech piece of marketing such as a business card. Some businesses might be able to afford to listen to this nonsense, but you shouldn’t listen. In fact, you should put your hands over your ears and scream because they are still useful for small businesses. Indeed, they are more than useful, and here are the reasons why.


They Are Personal


Swapping details remotely might be easier, but it is impersonal. A website, no matter how hard you try, won’t be able to show off your personality as well as you might think. Sure, it might be funny and it might get a high level of visitors as a result, yet it will struggle to be charming and charismatic. No one attributes these features to a site – they attribute them to people. When you hand over a card, you can use your personality to make an impact. Everything from your eye contact to the firmness of your handshake will have an impact, and, hopefully, a good one.



They Are Interactive


Anyone that thinks business cards aren’t interactive has never seen an Alpha Card. These foldable bundles of information are as interactive as they are informative, and that’s an excellent feature. No one wants to read something which preaches a message because it is boring. They want something that engages them and keeps their focus, and a business card can do that with the right setup. The fact that they can fold, for example, is an interactive feature as the person has to get to grips with the card. Plus, they can be vivid and full of rich, vibrant colours. A basic business card might be the usual suspect, but they come in many different sizes and shapes.


Small But Effective


The fact that they are small in stature is a bonus. Some advertising methods are big and bulky, and it makes them hard to carry. As a result, you have to know you will use them in advance. If you don’t get any prior warning, there is no way anyone will bother carting them around. Business cards are different because they are easy to carry no matter where you go. All you have to do is keep a small batch in your pocket and you can follow a lead regardless of the situation. Many an entrepreneur has made a sale when they least expected to because of a card.



Finally, they circulate even if you only hand it to one person. Anyone that uses your services will gladly pass it on to a friend, and they to a friend and so on and so forth. Before long, a card can reach a variety of people all of whom want to use your products or services. In basic terms, they are recyclable!