Jewellery is something that most women wear every day in some form or another. But its importance goes further than just accessorising an outfit that we have on. In fact, much of the jewellery worn by women is meaningful to the in some way. Read on to find out more.




Jewellery can be meaningful in many ways. The first way is that it often is associated with a sentimental connection. For example, what looks like a pretty necklace to you, could have been given as a present on an important birthday. A simple ring might be something that friends exchanged to remember each other by when they moved away. Or a bracelet might have belonged to a relative that has passed away.


The thing with jewellery is that it is worn against the body, so we often feel that it is a way of keeping the memories of that person, or time, close to us. We are reminded of them when we look in the mirror and see the piece that we are wearing.  


Shows you taste and style


Another important aspect of wearing jewellery is that to some extent, it is a signifier of your taste and style, as well as your economic wealth.


Jewellery is often made from rare materials live gold, silver pearls, and diamonds. Due to them being rare they are expensive, as the price increases along with the scarcity of the product. That shows that people that wear this sort of jewellery must have had the money to purchase it in the first place, and are therefore well off.


In terms of style, there is such a wide range of jewellery available, that you can usually find something to cater to any taste. But a word of warning here, not all jewellery that is expensive is necessarily tasteful. Some people like to flaunt large precious stones or very rare material like platinum is a gaudy way. But others much prefer tasteful designer silver jewellery instead.


beautiful woman in evening dress wearing diamond earrings


Marriage Status


Of course, one of the most important jobs of jewellery is that it demonstrates your marriage status. In the west, women are traditionally presented with engagement rings as a sign of a promise to marry.


While the tradition is still going strong today, there is some controversy surrounding it. This is because some people believe that it comes from the convention of the bride family paying a dowry to the father of the groom. This was paid to encourage them to take his daughter’s hand in marriage for his son. Which is seen as an old fashioned and sexist practice. But not everyone believes this was the case.


Then, of course, there are wedding rings, which symbolize that a person is in a committed marriage. These are worn by both men and women on the third finger the left hand. This finger was as though to hold a nerve that ran straight the heart, making it the perfect spot for the wedding ring.


Makes us feel good


Lastly, one of the best things about jewellery is that it makes us feel good about ourselves. It is a signal to yourself that we value ourselves as a person. It also shows that we look after our appearance and enjoy the pleasure of looking good.