If you work from home, whether as a freelancer or because you run your own business, you will need a well thought out home office. A separate area in your home, that when you enter you know, it’s time to work. This allows you to keep a good work/ life separation, and the boundaries between the two don’t get too blurred. When this happens, you can feel like you never properly ‘switch off’ which isn’t a good thing. If you’re looking to put together a great home office, here’s what you could need.


A Large Desk


A good quality desk is a crucial piece of furniture for someone working from home. Ideally, it will have a fair amount of storage in it, allowing you to keep everything you need at arms reach and stay organised. Further storage for stationery, paper, etc. on the top will again keep things neat and tidy and easy to access. You can find good quality desks that aren’t too expensive from many places on the highstreet. If you can’t find exactly what you’re after, you could upcycle a solid piece and make something completely unique.



A Good Quality Chair


A supportive chair is crucial; you won’t want to skimp here, or you could end up with painful problems later down the line. When you’re going to be sitting at your desk for most of the working day, choose something with good back and neck support. You may want to make sure the flooring you have down is suitable for a chair with wheels. If not, opt for a model which doesn’t roll or buy a protective covering for the floor.


A Reliable Computer


Your computer or laptop is the workhorse of your home office. When you work for yourself, the likelihood is you’re doing it from your computer. You’ll need something that’s fast and reliable, as well as a good internet connection. The right software is also important, for example, if you run your own business, you might need invoicing software. If you run a business from home, there are a range of business software programs which will make things quicker and easier. Just like commercial offices use IT services for things like printer rental with paper and ink subscriptions, these are things you could utilise for your home office. You could look at companies such as Paper Click for this.


Filing Systems


Self-employment comes with a whole lot of paperwork. There are lots of documents you’ll need to keep for your accountant etc., even if most of what you do is online you’ll probably still have masses of hard copies of documents. Find a filing cabinet which is the right size for your space and keep it extremely well organised. Then whenever you need a document, you know exactly where it is.