They say beauty is skin deep, and that is definitely true. Beauty on the inside will shine through no matter where you are. That’s all well and good but sometimes we want to take the inside out and make the very best of our bodies. These top tips will help you look beautiful and feel beautiful.


Start with the Soul


The eyes are the gateway to our soul and we use them to express all of our emotions.  Whether you are a fresh faced teen or have gorgeous laughter lines, eyes are often regarded as the most attractive part of a person’s face.


The eyebrow frames the eyes and can have huge impact on your whole look.  Gentle tinting can give you a more defined look and taking the time to pluck or wax will ensure your gateway is the neatest in the land.  New procedures such as microblading are becoming more common and with good reason! A perfect brow can lift your whole face and make your eyes look bigger too.  So take the time to tame yours.


Keep A Good Secret


We’ve already established if you feel good you will look good. Something as simple as wearing designer lingerie will boost how you feel and is a secret that no one else knows.  So you will release an air of mystery if your confidence comes from something no one else can see.  Choose something that makes you feel comfortable and feel free to go a little OTT on colour.  Something that will make you smile when you catch a glimpse of your bra strap.


Tame That Mane


Moving up from your eyes another feature which stands out is a person’s hair.  If you have limp, unstyled locks then you will feel lacklustre.  Sleep in rollers are an excellent way of styling your hair whilst you are asleep, giving you added va va voom in the morning.  A good hair spray kept in your bag will mean you are never let down by your hair and if you want to leave people with a memory of you, use a hair perfume that lingers as you lean over someone in the office.  


Love Yourself


Confidence in a person is the most attractive quality of all.  You need to make friends with your body and your personality.  As a woman grows older this confidence tends to come more naturally, but you can speed up the process by taking time out for yourself, considering your actions and being mindful of others.  Having flaws is part of being human, without them we are as lifeless as machines.  So get to know yours and then accept them for what they are.  The sooner you like the person you are the more others will respond to you with positivity.  It is a cycle that will dictate your whole life so make it a positive one.  
And that’s it! Drink lots of water, clean your teeth and smile as often as you can.  You will feel and look more beautiful than ever!