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French women are renowned for being effortlessly beautiful. Their skin is flawless, their beauty appears to be natural, and they also seem to enjoy life at an entirely different level than everyone else. So, maybe there is something that ladies could learn from the French lifestyle and make it their own. Here are the top three tips that French women are willing to share with the rest of womanhood.


French Diet And Beauty Routine For A Beautiful Skin


While French women seem to have a flawless and glowing skin, this has little to do with good genes. In fact, the French diet is primarily the reason for their glowing and healthy skin. This is because the French consume a lot of water. Not any water, of course, they prefer mineral water that brings a lot of healthy vitamins and nutrients. But they also use mineral water as facial sprays to keep their faces moisturised and fresh throughout the day. Additionally, the rest of the diet is what you would expect from a Mediterranean cuisine: A lot of vegetables, olive oil and fish provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that the skin needs to keep its elasticity and firmness for longer. The French women learn from a very young age a beauty routine, that consists of washing the face with a soft soap and fresh water, choosing a moisturising cream and using a massage technique to apply the cream onto the skin. Taking care of your skin will require healthy eating habits and the choice of high-quality products that contain a lot of innovative antioxidants and botanical ingredients, such as the vitage range, for durable and visible results.


French Indulgence And Patisserie For A Happy Soul


French women seem so skinny that one could think that they never indulge and always stick to their diet dutifully. In truth, they do have a sweet tooth like everyone else and love to eat something yummy. But instead of looking for a pack of biscuits, they turn to high-street patisseries which often offer what is called a café gourmand, which is a little pastry cake along with a cup of strong coffee. The sweetness of the pastry is perfectly counterbalanced by the bitterness of the coffee: In short, the café gourmand is the ideal snack that satisfies your sweet tooth without leaving you craving for more sugar.


French Style And Mind For A Bold And Sexy You


There is one thing that everyone agrees on: French women are famous for adopting a natural style. They bare it all, following the famous advice that less is more, especially when it comes to makeup. After all, their flawless skin is all they need to shine in society. But the French style goes one step further about keeping it as natural as possible. The typical beauty routine doesn’t involve any hair dryer; French women much prefer a natural air drying approach which not only is healthier for the hair but also gives them a sexy look. They prefer to wash their hair twice to three times a week, which is also what most hairdressers would recommend as using shampoo every day can damage your hair and scalp. Finally, they use perfume as a fashion statement. Nude makeup and scented perfume, this is the key to French fashion every day.