There’s no doubt about it; glasses can be extremely expensive to buy. Granted, they don’t have to be. But if you want a pair that will look and feel good, and last you well, the price tag can be steep. That being said, if you’re not willing to take proper care of your glasses, then buying good-quality ones is a big no-no. There’s no point spending your money on something if you’re not going to bother to take good care of it.


If you want your beautiful glasses – and they can be beautiful if you pick the right design, to last for years, you need to treat them kindly. As someone who’s worn glasses on and off throughout their life – I switch from glasses to lenses, I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you. I’ve broken or damaged more pairs of glasses than I can count, so when it comes to glasses care, I know what I’m talking about.



Let’s start with the basics


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Lenses can get scratched so easily – there’s nothing worse than scratched lenses, so it’s important to protect them at all times.


When you’re wearing your glasses, never make the mistake of taking them off and wiping them with your clothing. This can cause tiny scratches to appear on the surfaces of the lenses – your best option is to use a glasses polishing cloth. You can pick these up free from your optician. Or, if you like to be a little different, you can find some unique designs online.


Never lay your glasses down on any surface as this could cause damage to the lenses. Instead, when taking your glasses off, always put them safely into your glasses case. There are some gorgeous glasses case designs on the market – my favourite are the Cath Kidston ones, so there are plenty to choose from.


Time to talk frames




If you take care of your glasses, they can last you for years. While your lenses may need to be updated, your frames really can last you for years.


Of course, over time, your frames may scratch and succumb to a small amount of damage. However, you can reglaze glasses frames, leaving them stronger and smarter-looking. This isn’t expensive to do, can be done quickly, and can allow you to get an extra few years out of your glasses.


One of the most common issues with glasses frames is the legs bending or snapping. To prevent this from happening, always be careful when putting your glasses on or taking them off. Use two hands to remove them, to help prevent the frames from bending. If your frames become bent, they also become more prone to snapping. That’s why putting them on and taking them off carefully, is so important.


Getting your cleaning care right is important


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I’ve already mentioned how important it is not to clean your glasses using your clothing. But what else do you need to do when it comes to keeping your lenses clean?


Before wiping your lenses, wet them slightly either with water or a cleansing spray and then polish clean with a glasses cloth. If you don’t wet your lenses, surface dust can cause small scratches to appear.


If your glasses become really grimy, the best option is to wash them under a warm tap with a gentle soap. This will remove any dirt and dust, without scratching them. Once washed, gently shake your glasses dry and then pat the lenses with a fresh tissue – don’t wipe or you’ll end up with streaks.


There you have it, the essential tips that all glasses wearers need to know.