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It would be fantastic if every single business premises was the same. An office, a storefront, a couple of shelves, tables, chairs and so on. You could raise a hundred different offices and store premises in a couple of months and you could open up hundreds more opportunities for business owners to create their own stores. Sadly, that’s not the case. Business premises can be highly specialised, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” method of building commercial properties.


This is why it’s important to consider all the different types of machines, building arrangements, wiring and plumbing when it comes to building a business. Will you be working with chemicals that release harmful fumes? Get an extractor fan. Will you be making regular use of the internet? Get a dedicated fibre line. Do you need multiple phone lines? Consider leased lines. There are hundreds of different variables when it comes to starting up a business, so choose your industry wisely and focus on these considerations.


Workplace Safety


Safety isn’t a joke. Employee safety is incredibly important not only for their wellbeing, but also to prevent you from suffering lawsuits and employee neglect claims. Ensure that if you are building specialised business premises that all of the necessary safety considerations are in place. For example, make sure that fumes are being exhausted if you work with dangerous chemicals, ensure that there are disinfectant sprays and gels handy, and don’t forget about sanitary areas. You also need to think about things like fire exits, signage to tell people where to go in an emergency and place fire extinguishers in relevant locations.


Specialised Equipment


From large printing machines to commercial kitchen extractor fan installations, every industry has a dozen or so machines and equipment that need to be installed into the building, and these need a lot of consideration. For starters, kitchens need air vents and room for hot air and fumes to be exhausted. This has to be something to consider because if a kitchen doesn’t get enough ventilation, the well-being of your employees is at risk and you might end up with several health and safety issues that won’t sit well with inspectors.


If you run a business that makes heavy use of the internet, then you need to consider the placement of wireless devices to get the most coverage, and ethernet cables need to be routed through walls and ceilings if you want them to stay out of sight and reach far locations without getting in the way of employees moving around your office.


Space for Storage
Your company might make use of storage space and as such, you might need a warehouse or similarly large storage area to keep all your files, archives or products. If you need extra space, then you’ll have to either dig underground to get more storage room or you’ll need to dedicate extra space just for storage. This is important because it could drastically reduce the amount of working space your business actually has, and you may need to pay more for a larger premises to work in.