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Think about your startup and try to list a bunch of things that makes it better than the competition. It’s probably difficult considering you’re a startup, and the chances of you listing a legitimate reason are pretty slim unless you have extremely high (and unrealistic) expectations. However, as difficult as it is building a business from scratch, the one advantage that a new startup has is a clean slate.


Many businesses in the past have risen and fallen on false claims and undelivered promises. A business that is far too optimistic is a business that will fail, and it’s only the realistic businesses that will make a decent amount of profit and grow. That’s why it’s important to expose your business for what it’s worth. Don’t make outrageous claims and don’t promise your customers something that you can’t meet. Here are a couple of pointers to follow if you want to create an honest business.


Customer Support and Feedback


Perhaps the easiest way to get customers on your side is to provide excellent support. No matter how great your product is, nothing will get customers interested in your business like a good support service. If you really want to be an honest business, then make sure you are personally handling all of the communications and social media accounts. When you grow large enough to not have time to do that, make sure your community manager is top-notch and has a professional and friendly attitude. Making jokes and being trendy with the customers is acceptable, but you have to keep in mind that your community manager will be the voice of your company.


Exhibitions and Shows


Your product is not going to get much real-world exposure if you don’t physically show it to people. You can talk about how your product is the greatest or how there’s no way that your competitors can beat you, but they are just words unless you get your product into hands of consumers before they buy it. The easiest way to do this is to attend trade shows, exhibitions, and make public appearances for your product. Generate some interest over social media, and then display your product to the masses. Equip yourself with exhibition stands for events, demonstrations, sample products and print yourself some business cards to hand out.


Be Humble
No one likes a business that shows off their product too much because chances are, that product is going to fail and your company will become a laughing stock. When making promises to your customers, make sure you aren’t promising them something you can’t meet. When you are releasing new specs for a device that you’re creating, don’t overestimate what you are capable of. If your product exceeds expectations, then that will create a much more satisfying psychological effect than if it fails to meet your standards. When attending trade shows or creating public statements, show that you are confident in your product and that you believe in it, but don’t sound cocky or brag about what you have.