pretty dressing table


So, you love fashion, you are crazy about makeup and you are pretty brilliant at sharing this with your friends.  So, maybe it’s time you stepped it up and took on a career in the industry that gets your heart pumping.


There are lots of choices that could make a transition from your current career a little bit easier.  So let’s have a look at how you can take the leap and get your fix of fashion and beauty whilst earning a salary.


If you work in the website design industry then why not think about specialising in beauty and fashion.  With your eye for quality you may have the edge over designers who cover a larger selection of businesses.  It also will give confidence to your client if they know you work in one particular area and are as passionate about their products as they are.  Whilst this isn’t a unique business idea, it is something that you could set up on your own.  You will need the support of a company who specialise in reseller hosting, that way you can ensure all your clients needs are taken care of and offer even more to your service than just design.  You never know you might even get a few freebies for all your hard work!


Setting up your own consultancy service could also get you to the heart of your passion.  Imagine being a fashion consultant on a TV.  Swooping into glamorous film sets and advising Directors and writers on the fashion of a particular time in history or a specific genre.  To ensure you have lots of work you could also take on becoming a personal shopper.  Taking clients to the best designers or new boutiques in your area and helping them find the perfect outfits to compliment their shape and lifestyle.  You’ll need a website and a few good referrals so think about working with some friends first and asking them for a testimonial instead of taking payment.  Then take to social media and spread the word.


There are loads of courses which can teach you various disciplines from nail techniques like Shellac through to microblading or even botox treatments.  If you have children and a nice home, you could open your own beauty spa in your house.  This means you could work your clients around the school run.  Think about what people want and then qualify in those areas.  For example tanning, HD brows, nails and eyelash extensions all tend to go hand in hand for women who want to go on special nights out, brides to be or as vital holiday preparations.  Work out the most popular treatments and then offer them up to your local area.  If you are prepared to travel too you could reach out to a wider audience.
Think outside the box, because when you are doing something that involves your passions it doesn’t really feel like you are working at all.