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Whether you work alone from home or you run a busy workplace with many employees, it is important that you make your working environment as healthy as possible. Doing so can be done much more cheaply than you might expect, and it will boost productivity and morale in the workplace, which will pay back any money you spend on improvements many times over.


Here are some simple strategies you can use to make your working environment healthier:


Health and Safety


It is very important that you should comply with all healthy and safety legislation. This is a legal requirement for all businesses in the UK and will protect your and any staff you have from accidents, injuries, and litigation. So, take some time to brush up on current health and safety legislation and ensure your workplace meets all current standards.


Banish Back Pain


Back pain is a primary cause of workplace absenteeism in the United Kingdom, and it can be particularly bad for workers who spend most of their time sitting at a desk all day. Thankfully, you can minimize the chances of you or your staff getting a back injury by investing in ergonomic office chairs, which better support the body and keep injuries at bay.


Shine a Light


Using high bay lighting will ensure that employees are always able to see everything clearly. This is very important in more potentially dangerous workplaces, such as warehouses, but having a decent source of light can help to avoid things like eye strain in any working environment. Good LED high bay lights will also save you money on the cost of your electricity bills.


Know Your Employees


If you manage a team of employees, it is important that you get to know them all individually. Investing some time getting to know each team member’s personality will enable you to manage each of them in a way that will keep them happy and productive. Some people thrive on having lots of rules and observation, while others are best left to get on with the job alone if you know which is which, not only will your workplace be happier, it’ll be more productive too.


Schedule Regular Breaks


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy released research which suggests that those who do not take regular work breaks are more likely to suffer from bouts of stress, depression and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Other studies have also found that taking regular breaks actually increases productivity. So, rather than working yourself or your staff to the bone, be generous with breaks and you’ll all be better off for doing so.


Encourage health and Fitness


If you’re self-employed, invest in a gym membership, or if you’re an employer, offer your staff subsidized gym memberships of fitness classes and you’ll see a great improvement in your health and happiness levels and in the amount of time you need to take off. A healthy body encourages a healthy mind and vice versa, so do what you can to encourage healthy pursuits in and outside of work.


What are your tips for improving health and happiness in the workplace?