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There will most likely come a point in your life where you realise that you don’t like your workplace. Unless you are blessed with a fun and unique working environment full of helpful people, then it probably won’t take long until you get sick of seeing the same faces and following the same orders. To add to the issue, our skills generally start to decline if we work in the same place for too long. Creativity is quickly replaced with monotony, and it’s one of the fastest ways to become quickly disinterested with your life. Unfortunately, if you aren’t willing to take risks then it won’t get any better.


But what risks are available to you and how do you break out of the cubicle? Starting your own company is perhaps one of the safest bets, despite how unstable it can be at the start. However, many people assume that starting your own company has to involve hiring dozens of staff members and teaching them how to do their jobs. While it’s true that it has some relation to starting a business, you can just as easily start on your own as a freelancer or solo entrepreneur.


But even that can be extremely daunting, so here are a couple of points to consider before you decide to take the plunge and leave your job and also a couple of warnings to keep in mind.


Do you feel like you’re wasting your life away?


If you sit at work and feel like you’re not accomplishing anything in life, then it’s a very clear sign that you might be experiencing a midlife crisis. But don’t worry—you wouldn’t be the only one. It doesn’t take long to reach a stage in your life where you feel like your job isn’t fulfilling your needs or passions anymore. Perhaps your skills are far too good for what the company is offering you, or maybe you feel like you’re working at a location that doesn’t offer enough benefits. Whatever the case may be, it’s never a bad idea to consider working for yourself and growing a career you feel passionate about instead of working under someone else’s banner. Get out there and put your sights on something you believe in. Make a name for yourself with your own company, and don’t work hard under someone else’s name if you feel like it’s a waste.


Do you want to have more control over your life?


Think you have what it takes to be a leader? This article at Broowaha might tell you differently, but if you have the key qualities that every leader needs to inspire their workforce, then you might be a budding entrepreneur just waiting to blossom. Having more control over your life means that you’ve got more responsibilities, but it also means that you aren’t being controlled by others. Your salary is under the control of your boss, and unless you stay on their good side, they have the ability to make your life hell. Break away from those shackles and start your own business instead. That way you have more control over your life decisions and if you fail, it’ll be because of your lack of planning and not because you offended someone at work.


Do you have unique ideas that you want to explore?


Everyone has a unique idea now and then. The lightbulb above our head will occasionally flicker when we come across a bright thought, but it takes time and effort to grow it into a business. The worst thing that could happen to our ideas is to see them stolen or used by someone else that had the initiative to start up a company. It’s proof that your ideas would work, but it’s also proof that you’re far too slow to act on your ideas and it has to change. Don’t regret the next couple of years by sitting on a golden opportunity and not doing anything with it. Start a business, take the plunge, and utilise those ideas you have instead of letting them fade away.


Do you want to leave the kids something when you retire?


Even if it’s just a small business, you have the potential to plant the seeds that your children will reap when they’re older. Family businesses are fantastic to leave behind for your children or family when you retire, and it takes a little work to ease them into the role of a business owner. However, if you’re successful, then your children can potentially live carefree lives without having to worry about putting food on the table.