luxe workplace


Any business owner, whether big or small, should want their staff to feel comfortable and valued. It keeps staff retention rates higher, but it also helps people to feel loyalty to their employer and work more efficiently. For small business owners with low overheads and little room for financial manoeuvre, keeping staff members on side is essential for keeping unnecessary expenditure low and efficiency high. Bringing a touch of luxury to the office is a great way to ensure comfort and demonstrate to staff that you truly appreciate the work they do for you.




Using partitioning effectively to break up the office is a great way to bring privacy into the space, without compromising the open plan nature or making the room feel cramped. Many people feel that they are unable to work effectively in an open plan office, and it can result in some serious work-related anxiety. Having an area which people can go to get away from the general hubbub of the office is also important, either to take quiet phone calls, or just to decompress a little. Room partitions which are transportable can help you to create separate workspaces, based on your requirements, and enable staff to still feel that their privacy is being taken seriously.



High-quality furniture


Cheap office furniture is one of the main contributors to sick leave, inefficiency, and general malcontent. When you spend eight hours a day sat at a desk, it needs to be just right to avoid those awful aches and pains that can come along with it. If it’s in your budget, good quality, ergonomic furniture can see staff efficiency rise significantly, along with staff satisfaction. If your budget does not stretch to new furniture, cushions, foot rests, wrist protectors, and blocks for making computer screens higher will still demonstrate to staff that you value their comfort and health.


Bathroom luxury


It is a legal requirement that offices offer their staff a clean and safe toilet, so many office managers employ the use of washroom services to undertake this. If you push the toilet luxury to the next level, staff are more likely to feel comfortable in their workspace, but also feel treated. Hand towels instead of dryers, moisturiser for tired hands, and good quality loo roll is all it takes to make the toilets a far nicer place to be.



An amazing coffee machine


Coffee isn’t just a necessity; it’s a human right when it comes to the office environment. And while everyone appreciates the instant granules, a great treat for the office would be a Nespresso machine, or something similar. It could be something you consider buying the office as an end of year present, or as a thank-you for their hard work. And it’s something which just makes their working day that little bit more special.


Creating a work environment with just a touch of luxury is an amazing way to show staff how much you appreciate them, and in return, they’ll demonstrate loyalty and hard work for you, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.