In the modern world of business time cannot be wasted. It’s a good job then that there are a whole host of technologies out there designed to combat time wasting, isn’t it? If you are under the impression that technology is the biggest cause of time wasting in your business then you need to think again. When the right technology is used in the right way it can be the single best tool to use to beat the plight of wasted time. Below are a few examples of just how this can be achieved.


A prime example of why business owners are under the illusion that technology is wasting their time is because they don’t look after the tech they use. If the technology you use every day is treated with respect it is more likely to work. Simple. And there are technologies that you can use that will treat your other pieces of tech with respect. If you use charging lockers, for example, you can ensure that your devices will always be ready for use. By having charging facilities available in the places that you store your devices you are making sure they are fully charged before they are distributed out. So whenever an employee comes to use a device like a laptop they won’t have to waste time waiting for it to charge up or finding a place to charge it.


And there are a whole host of apps that cut into time wasting too. There is Sunrise, that brings all of your calendar services into one place. There is Dart, that lets you send out pre-designed responses to emails with ease. There is, that helps you break your tasks up into smaller and more manageable ones. And there is even an app called Timewaste Timer. This app punishes you, or any of your employees, for every hour that is spent on Facebook. So, if you don’t want this app to take a dollar away from your business just because Facebook was active for too long, simply don’t log on to it!


You can run your business around the clock but in doing so you might just be wasting a lot of time. For instance, if you are trying to monitor your business’s website’s uptime the whole time, you are wasting time. If this is the case let technological services such as UptimeRobot bare the brunt for you. This piece of tech will watch your website and alert you promptly via SMS if anything is wrong with it. This means you don’t have to waste time looking out for problems throughout the day.


To stop time slipping away during your business’s working hours make sure to take heed of the advice above. And make sure to consider using the technology stated. In doing so you might even be able to find time to actually take a break during your working day. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?