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Let me start by saying that I am, in no way a tech whizz. Heck, I don’t even know how to fix my blog when it runs slowly, but even without an in-depth knowledge of technology I have managed to start a virtual business and so far have made a success of it. Admittedly, at first I thought that I would struggle without a strong knowledge of technology, especially as my business relies solely on it, but actually, I haven’t struggled at all without it. Want to know how I’ve managed to launch and run a virtual business with little understanding of the technology that’s allowing my venture to run? Then read on.


I swear by outsourcing


As a freelancer, I think it’s important to be aware of what your skills are and what areas you need help in. I could’ve attempted to design my site myself using free online templates and so on, but I wanted to ensure that it looked as professional as possible, so I outsourced the task. I am a big fan of outsourcing; I outsource all sorts of jobs. Anything that’s related to technology that I don’t understand, I outsource it. The fact is that I could waste time attempting to do these kinds of things myself or I could hire an expert to deal with them for me, ensuring that they are dealt with as soon as possible.


Get the right support


Plenty of small business owners aren’t keen to invest in support for their business, but I believe that having the right support in place is vital when it comes to your success. I know a lot of freelancers who don’t like to invest in support like IT services, for instance, which means that when their site goes down, it can take them longer than necessary to get it back up again, which can lose them money. I personally like to ensure that I am covered no matter what happens, whether my social media accounts get hacked, or my website goes down, I like to have adequate support in place.


Although I don’t know all that much about the inner workings of technology, I like to learn as I go. So say a problem occurs with my website, I don’t just have it fixed, I like to learn about what has caused it and how it can be fixed. I find that learning as I go helps to better equip me with the skills needed to run a successful venture. I know that sometimes – link on the weekends, assistance may not be available, so it’s nice to have an idea of what could be to blame for my site going down. If there’s one thing that you take from this post, let it be that learning as you go is one of the best things that you can do when running a business.


So there you have it, a guide to how you can achieve virtual business success when you’re not a technology whizz.