resp web design


If you run a business, blog, or you want to create your online store, then you need to start getting into web development in some form. There are so many options open to you these days; we’re going to take a quick look at the three routes you can take towards website creation and ownership.



Build it from the ground-up


If you want complete control over customization, content, and security, then the best option available to you is probably to develop the entire thing in-house. If you’re a really small business, then it may be worth looking into HTML training resources to ensure you can get the web development skills required. Other programming languages and tools, such as Java and CSS, are also very useful.


If you’re a slightly bigger business and can afford to do so, then consider hiring new employees who specialize in website creation and maintenance. You need to be careful here, though; once the website is done, the use for some of these employees may be exhausted. This is why many employers go with freelancers or agencies; we’ll look into that a little more later.


Use a website builder


If you want to create a website, either a personal one or a business one, but don’t have any technical skills, then you’re not doomed! These days, there are more website builders than ever, and some of the most accomplished ones are actually free of charge. (Though you’ll need to subscribe to a premium version in order to get your own domain, which is recommended.) Pretty much anyone with an Internet connection can create a website that looks fairly polished. We’re beyond the days of Geocities and Freewebs; there are much more refined options available.


So why doesn’t everyone use these things? Even those with technical knowledge would save time using them, right? Well, while they can be good if you need something basic, you’re usually pretty limited when it comes to design and the number of pages you can have. They’re also not great for ecommerce websites. These builders are cool, but they can get a little clunky if you need something with a lot of content.


Hire freelancers or an agency to help you


To be honest, hiring freelancers may be necessary if you’re willing to take on a task such as the programming by yourself. After all, it can take several people to build one sturdy business website! Again, it all depends on how much detail you want to go into when it comes to the creation. But if you have a detailed idea of what it is you want the website to do but don’t want to use a website builder, then you have the option of getting help from a web development agency.


You should know what your website is supposed to do; whether it’s simply there for marketing purposes, or if it’s going to be a detailed blog, or if it’s going to be an ecommerce site for your business. An agency or a freelancer can then build the framework (or build a website around a pre-existing CMS) to fit your needs. The right agency can also help out when it comes to digital marketing.