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A couple of years ago, along with another beauty blogger, I co-founded the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl, which is a 10-day beauty review series that runs twice a year, once at Christmas and once in the summer. Zoe from Makeup Mad no longer gets involved in the Bloggers Beauty Brawl events, so I now run them solo and have a lot of fun doing so.


Yesterday marked the first day of summer, which means that once again it’s time for the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl Summer Edition. I am so excited for this summer’s brawl because there are so many amazing bloggers taking part.


Wondering how the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl works?


How it works is simple, for each of the ten days, every blogger taking part reviews a predetermined beauty product type, such as a liquid lipstick. We all review the same product type on the same day, however, we each pick the specific product that we use.


So, for example, day one we are all reviewing a liquid lipstick, for this I chose a Lily Comely London liquid lipstick in nude pink, while another of the bloggers taking part chose a letterbox red liquid lipstick from MUA. Below is a sneak peek of the products I’ve chosen to review in this summer’s Beauty Brawl.


bb sneak peek


What products are we reviewing on each day?


Day 1: Liquid Lipstick

Day 2: Brow Product

Day 3: Eyeliner

Day 4: Makeup Remover

Day 5: Nail Varnish

Day 6: Face Mask

Day 7: Primer

Day 8: False Eyelashes

Day 9: Hand Cream

Day 10: Bronzer


What are the rules?


  1. Each blogger must review the arranged product type on the designated day.
  2. Reviews must be honest, with each product being scored out of 100 using the following three categories: product, packaging, and price.
  3. The scores for each review will be turned into a Top Trumps card via the Top Trump It app – next time around we will have our very own custom made cards!  
  4. The products should be new and not used before – this helps to keep things fair so that no one is at an advantage.
  5. Bloggers can either buy the products themselves or source them from sponsors, depending on what they would prefer.


Who is taking part?


This time around the following bloggers are taking part:


In case you don’t know, the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is now on Twitter at @BBloggersBrawl – to see all the most recent posts or to get retweeted use hashtag ‘#BeautyBrawl’. Talking of Twitter, if you do follow the Beauty Brawl page you may have noticed that it has some fancy new graphics, these have been designed by the lovely Emma Drury, one of the bloggers taking part in this summer’s Beauty Brawl.


Want to get involved?


bb badge


Love the idea of how the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl works? Well then, why not join us? Although this summer’s Beauty Brawl has already started, I will be running another one later in the year, so if you follow the Facebook and Twitter page for the Beauty Brawl, you can keep up to date with when that will begin. (If you do choose to get involved, above is the badge that bloggers who take part in the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl can add to their blog badges.) 


Until then, tag @BBloggersBrawl or use ‘#BeautyBrawl’ for a retweet on any blog posts or Instagram pictures! The Blogger’s Beauty Brawl isn’t just about running collaborations throughout the year, it’s also about promoting and inspiring other bloggers, the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is a community where bloggers can come together, or at least, I like to think it is anyway.