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Despite placing our new year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year, it’s likely that by summer, one or two of our self-promises have either been completely abandoned or have at least reduced in discipline. Life sometimes feels like it moves at a pace entirely independent of the plans we impose upon it.


In preparation for the summer months, we may feel that tingling desire for self-improvement resurfacing. It’s nothing to be worried about. Despite the lost months focusing on goals that might have taken away from your health considerations, there’s no reason why this summer needs to follow the same path.


In fact, the morning sunlight and warmth will make the mornings you wake up tangibly feel better, and this will give you the energy to attack and tackle challenges in your day.


To truly shape up for summer, discipline and hard work will be needed. However, some simple, quick tips can also push you in the right direction.


Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is a positive way to keep yourself trim and in shape. Reducing your eating hours to 8 per day followed by a 16 hour scheduled fast can keep you running on fat ketones instead of carbohydrates. This will naturally result in your body melting the fat, while helping to keep your muscle content if you have any. Completing the fasting cycle will also allow your body to ‘finish’ it’s digestive process, and direct the energy that would be spent digesting food to more critical areas like cellular repair. This can, in turn, help increase your lifespan. Not a bad start to your summer, right?


Reducing Cigarettes


We all know smoking is bad for us, yet cigarette firms are still doing relatively well. Why is this? Well, for starters, it’s incredibly hard to give up. Not only is the nicotine intensely addictive, but the act of smoking is one that becomes a habit, and can be firmly embedded in your mind. This is even more true if you’ve smoked for some time now. You needn’t kick the habit forcefully before summer, as you’re more likely to relapse. Instead, reducing cigarette amount and using smart tips like purchasing vaping equipment from a great e cigarette shop can help you transfer to a much healthier alternative. This will satiate your cravings to complete the smoking action, but you’ll have a better tasting and arguably healthier habit.


Tracking Health


Track your health this summer. It’s important to monitor your health because when you’re aware of how healthy or not healthy you are, you’re more likely to do something about improving or maintaining it. Consider purchasing a watch with a heartbeat monitor embedded that can track your workouts and collate that information to give you a realistic picture of the way your body is functioning. Knowledge is power, and awareness is critical. It’s unlikely that once you’re aware you have an unhealthy heart rate for your age, you won’t be a little tempted to do something about it.


As well as the tips listed above, being more active and getting more sunlight or time in nature will also have amazing effects for your health. Be that person who looks after themselves, and you’ll find that your summer opens up in enjoyment and self-satisfaction.