office premises


Small businesses all have one thing in common: they have to find office space sooner rather than later. Your converted attic has been good to you in the past, but it isn’t a sustainable business model. To become a market leader, the company needs the perfect surroundings. Unfortunately, finding them is like trying to locate a needle in a haystack unless you have professional help. If hiring an expert isn’t an option, you can always hear what they have to say by reading the tips below. The following are the expert’s advice on how to find the best possible business premises.


Trustworthy Realtor


Sorry to burst your bubble, but the professionals believe that you can’t do it alone. Unless you have hidden talents you’re not disclosing, a dedicated professional is essential. After all, they have the skill set to locate and negotiate the best deals. Still, there is no need to choose the first person that gives you the eye. A realtor has to be trustworthy as they will have a big say in the final decision. So, the first port of call is to check their credentials and ask previous customers for feedback. That way, there should be no nasty surprises.


The Essentials Included


Buyers normally like a blank space because it allows them to create their own space. But, the experts say this is just a way to hike up the final price. Okay, so an open area will be a lot cheaper as it doesn’t include any fixtures or fittings. Still, you will need to purchase them at some point, and they aren’t cheap. The fact is that serviced offices are an excellent option because they include everything you are going to need. And, in the long run, the deals tend to be cheaper even if the initial cost appears more expensive.


Flexible Landlord


The odds are high that you will rent. Let’s face it – even the most profitable firms don’t own offices. Leasing a space is the status quo, yet it does come with some complications. By far the biggest is the landlord or landlady. Simply put, they can make your life a living nightmare. Because it is their property, these people wield a lot of power and aren’t afraid to use it from time to time. To avoid this pitfall, it’s a good move to meet the owner face to face. Then, it’s possible to gauge their personality and character traits.


Everything Up For Negotiation


Fantastic premises don’t have a retail value. Well, they may do, but it doesn’t count for a great deal. Usually, everything that carries a price is up for negotiation. And, this plays into your hands. As long as you know how to haggle, it’s possible to cut an excellent deal and save a fortune. And, everything means everything so don’t just accept the cost of rent as a given. Instead, barter until the seller has no option but to give in to your demands.  


Now that you know how the experts do it, you can follow suit.