Long before selfies were popular, people still loved taking pictures. Photographing something was capturing a moment for eternity and it was physical proof that a special event had taken place. Travellers, in particular, loved take pictures next to city landmarks or during a local event in a foreign country. One of the big reasons the selfie stick must have been invented is because we don’t have arms long enough to capture our faces and the monument we’re standing next to. After all, how can we prove we were actually there if we’re not in the picture? Here are a few places you definitely need to pose next to before you die.


Machu Picchu


As far as photography goes, Machu Picchu is something truly beautiful to behold; the mountains in the background, the ruins, and the natural wildlife are all simply breathtaking. Your photography skills might be limited to taking snapshots on your phone, but you don’t need a guide to great pictures with your phone to take some truly amazing pictures and selfies of this historical monument. Additionally, people like to visit Machu Picchu because of the mystery surrounding the area. Machu Picchu was built by the Incas centuries ago, but it was only “discovered” by Hiram Bingham in 1911 when the indigenous people in the area led him there. No one knows when, or why, the Incas abandoned in the first place.




Speaking of places shrouded in mystery, Stonehenge has received a lot of attention considering that it’s made up of really big stones. Nevertheless, it’s an intriguing monument and definitely a way to make your UK summer break more exciting. No matter if it’s sunny, stormy, or grey, this mysterious landmark is very photogenic in any light. From any angle, the design is enthralling and it’s chilling to hear that all the stones were added at different points throughout history, and they were brought in from far away, likely before there was a definite way to transport heavy items over long distances. Stonehenge is fascinating, and worth a spot in your travel album.




While there are many land monuments that are worthy of being your next Facebook cover photo, how often will you get a chance to take an underwater selfie. You don’t need any fancy photography equipment to make this happen; just take steps to waterproof your phone before you jet off to your destination, and enjoy posing next to marine life off the coast of a tropical beach, or maybe even some underwater monuments. Visit Cuba and swim down to the Cuban Underwater City; ruins of a submerged city with corridors and buildings including massive granite complexes, pyramids and circular structures. The city is 2,000 feet below sea level, but according to scientists it would take about 50,000 years for the alleged city to be submerged to its current depth. However, 50,000 years ago there wasn’t the architectural capacity in any of the cultures we know of to build complex buildings, according to experts.