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Flat shoes are probably not part of your party wardrobe. Instead, it is most likely to be filled with glamourous wedges, sky scraper stilettos, and sparkly platforms – not the most comfortable of footwear. When you’re heading out with the girls for a night out, you forget the pain you put your feet through on the previous night out and usually opt for the tallest heels in the wardrobe – regretting that decision on your way home or the morning after. Daniel Footwear investigate if flat shoes can be just as glam.


With the rise of Melissa shoes and other stylish flats, could comfort be at the forefront of footwear fashion right now?


Embellished sandals: a summer must-have


As we welcome the summer months, we also say hello to embroidery and embellishment; footwear is no exception. Embellished sandals are a great alternative to heels — in fact, many A-listers have even walked the red carpet in the sparkly flats. The worst thing about them is that they can only be worn in the summer — step out in them in the winter and prepare for some strange looks and exceptionally cold toes!


Where you are taking a vacation or not, they are the perfect accessory for channelling that beach-to-bar look, while their added glitz adds a dash of glamour that every night out needs. Keep the rest of your outfit formal or smart-casual at the very least — wearing them with jeans is too casual for a night out with friends. Instead, choose feminine dresses and skirts in cool colours and delicate prints.


ballet flats


Backless loafers: a formal alternative


Walking up and down the office in six-inch heels every day can take its toll on your feet, and whilst you want to maintain a powerful, formal look, you wish there was a comfortable alternative. Thankfully, there is! The backless loafer is a great choice. Originally made popular by Gucci, other brands have since replicated the trend, making the loafer one of this season’s must-haves.


Kiss goodbye to blisters and say hello to a whole new world of comfort and style. Because of their formal style, they’re the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe. Choose a black pair and wear with plain-coloured culottes and a chic sleeveless blouse.


And the beauty of this shoe is that you can also wear them as part of your off-duty style — a light-coloured loafer works great with loose-fitting, light wash ripped jeans and an easy t-shirt. Bring the look together with a chic tailored blazer for a look that successfully bridges the gap between smart and casual.


The pointed flat: simple but stylish


At some point in your life, it is likely that the ballet flat has been your saviour. A comfortable alternative to almost any shoe. From work to play, is there anything this super-versatile shoe can’t do?


It would appear not! The pointed pump is the ideal choice for a night out, as it is not just comfortable — it’s this season’s must-have shape. For extra evening glamour, choose an embellished or lace-up pair to add detail to your look.