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Having a small(ish) house which doubles as both mine and the fiance’s place of work (we’re part of the lucky minority of people who work from home), and a hell of a lot of stuff, means that our little house easily gets in a mess. Until we moved to this house back in 2015, we had always been blessed with plenty of extra storage space, whether that was a large attic, a roomy basement, or built-in wardrobes, we had never had to worry about storage. Moving to our current home was a bit of a culture shock, I can tell you.


Over the past two years, I’ve got creative when it comes to storage, and have managed to get my home ship shape and mess free, despite that fact that both neither myself or my partner has a knack for neatness.


The room that I struggled most with, and had to be more creative with, was our bedroom; it is smaller than our old room and has no built-in space, which when I first viewed the property I thought was a deal breaker, but after some gentle persuasion from the fiance that the house was perfect, I chose to compromise, and boy am I glad I did – I LOVE this house!


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Bed Guru have asked me to share some of the little ways that I have got creative with storage in my bedroom. The fact is that having a smaller bedroom than I had grown accustom to, and a home without built-in storage space doesn’t make organisation easy, but with a little creativity it is possible to have an organised bedroom.


Here are the bedroom storage hacks that I swear by:


#1. Choose a bed that comes with built-in storage


When you’ve got a lot of stuff or are naturally messy, you want your storage to be as easy to use and access as possible, that’s why opting for a bed that comes with built-in storage space is such a good idea. A Bed Guru style ottoman storage bed, is the ideal option, as it will give you all of the storage space that you need. We currently have a four poster bed, and while it’s beautiful to look at, it lacks the storage space that we need.


#2. Pop-up wardrobes can work wonders


Can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe or don’t want a huge piece of furniture taking up space in your bedroom? Opt for a pop-up wardrobe instead – these are a great solution to a lack of storage space because they are cost-effective and easy to put up and take down. We invested in one of these bad boys for at the foot of the bed, and have never looked back since.

#3. Organise your chest of drawers


It’s all well and good having a lovely big chest of drawers – mine is a vintage one and I LOVE it – but if you don’t utilise the space, it’s pointless having it. I lay contact paper in each of my chest of drawers drawers, to prevent dust and dirt getting onto my clothes. I then place drawer dividers into each drawer, making organisation easier. A little hack I picked up recently was to fold your clothes vertically not horizontally as this saves space and makes it easier to see what you have got in your drawers.


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#4. Invest in jars, tubs, and baskets


Instead of having the surfaces of my chest of drawers, windowsill, and bedside tables covered in this, that and the other, I invested in jars, tubs and baskets. These are ideal for storing those little bits, and helping to keep the room neat and tidy. From storing your makeup removal pads to your favourite body butters, jars, tubs, and baskets are ideal. I prefer to choose glass jars and tubs, as that way I can see what’s in each jar. To jazz them up a little, I choose jars with patterned lids.


#5. Install shelves around the top of the room


Take advantage of every inch of space by installing shelves around the top of your bedroom, about five inches from the ceiling. This space never gets used normally, which is why taking advantage of it is such a good idea. From placing ornaments and fairy lights on these shelves, to folding clothes or placing books up there, this extra area of storage space can be incredibly useful.


#6. Hang a clothes rack in the corner


No room for a wardrobe? How about fitting a clothes rail to the corner of the room? Shops display their clothes on pretty racks, so why can’t you? Just as long as your clothes are neatly hung up and all of your coat hangers match, this can work well as an additional storage option for your bedroom.


So there you have it, how I like to keep my bedroom organised despite my messy streak!


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Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Bed Guru but all opinions are my own.