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When it comes to purchasing a new car, there is a lot to think about. Most of the time we focus on things like price and model, when we actually should be putting safety at the forefront of our minds. Cars are expensive purchases, which is why we often spend a lot of time thinking about things like the vehicle’s aesthetics and the additional features that a vehicle comes with.


However, safety should always be our number one priority when buying a car, because at the end of the day, it’s the safety features that a vehicle offers that could save your life, not its seat warmers and built-in mini TVs. With that in mind, the question is: how can you ensure that you choose a vehicle that will keep you (and your family) safe on the roads?


Think about your specific needs?


The most important thing to think about when it comes to vehicle safety is your specific needs, and what you want from a car. The fact is that how safe a car is depends on who is using it; while some cars are ideal for single drivers, others are made to be safe for the entire family. For instance, myself, the fiance, and our pooch are the only ones who use our car, so for us, our priority is ours’ and our dog’s safety.


We have a car that has room for a dog crate in the boot, and also have a doggie seatbelt in place to ensure our pup is kept safe. Whereas, my sister-in-law (to be) who has a 11 month old baby, needs a vehicle that is made for families. She picked a car that would allow her to fit an isofix to her little girl’s car seat, to ensure that she is as safe on the road as possible. Many car dealers offer free advice and help when it comes to vehicle safety, for instance, offer a free car seat checks for kids.


Do your research


The fact of the matter is this: every vehicle is different, and every vehicle comes with different levels of safety. That is why, before purchasing any vehicle, it pays to do your research, to ensure that whatever vehicle you pick is the safest option for yours’ and your family’s needs. There are plenty of vehicle review sites where you can take the time to learn everything that there is to know about the make and model of vehicle that


Ask questions


Never be afraid to ask questions when buying a new car. Vehicles don’t tend to come cheap, in fact they are one of the biggest investments that any of us will ever make, which is why it’s important to be brave and ask any questions that you may have. Once a new car leaves the forecourt of a showroom, there is no going back – it’s value drops by 75% instantly. So, before you buy, it is vital to be sure that you are making the right choice for your needs.


When it comes to car safety, you can never be too careful. That’s why it is so vital that you never rush the vehicle buying process and always make sure to think every choice through that you make.


*This blog post is sponsored, however, all ideas and opinions are my own.*