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Weddings are expensive, there is no getting away from that fact. Did you know that the average UK wedding costs a whopping £25,000? That’s a lot of money, isn’t it? (That’s a deposit on a two-bedroom house…)


I am currently in the midst of planning my big day and personally, I could not justify spending such an insane amount of money. Yes, I understand that I will only have one wedding day, and obviously, I want it to be special, but spending the equivalent of a down payment on a house or a year’s salary just seems slightly excessive.


My wedding is set to be a more budget-friendly affair. It will be just as beautiful as weddings that cost £25,000, but the big difference will be the price. I plan on saying I do with a budget that’s under a quarter of the national average cost of weddings…


Want to know my secret to cutting costs? The internet has been my secret weapon – here’s how I have utilised it to cut costs and how you can to:


Utilise comparison services


I have found a fantastic comparison service online called Bidvine; it’s a website that allows you to search for different services, such as a wedding photographer and put in your budget, location, and things like the type of images that you want taking, and then local photographers who fit the bill can bid to win the project. How incredible is that? It’s like eBay but for services, and ensures that you are able to get the services that you need for your big day but at an affordable price. I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled across this site.


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Buy second-hand items online


Okay, so I would not go as far as buying my wedding dress second-hand, after all, some things are sacred. But I would buy decorations for my wedding second-hand, and if you are on a budget, you should too. All my wedding inspiration has come from Pinterest, and I’ve used the ideas that I’ve got on there to decide what products to buy second-hand online. eBay has been a godsend, as have Facebook selling sites – I’ve managed to bag some incredible bargains!


Go down the DIY route


I am incredibly lucky because my mum is super creative, which means that she’s been planning lots of beautiful things to make for my wedding. From crocheted candle holders to giant pom-poms, she has plenty of ideas – she’s even talking about doing the flowers herself. The internet has been an amazing resource for DIY ideas for my wedding, as there are so many blogs to read and vlogs to watch. Whatever wedding type you are having, there are plenty of DIY ideas available online, that are sure to be a perfect fit for your wedding theme and style.


There you have it, a few useful tips for how you can use the internet to cut the cost of your big day. Just because you can spend tens of thousands of pounds on a wedding, it does not mean that you have to…