I don’t know about you but more often than not while I am sat at my desk surrounded by stress, I find my mind starting to drift. You see, I have always been a daydreamer – I was the kid in school who the teacher could be stood in front of asking a question and I would still be in a world of my own. I’ve always loved to daydream and as an adult I am no different.


When work gets hectic and stress that comes with it start to take its toll on me, I drift off into a world of my own and end up in #OfficeNarnia. When things get hectic my mind lets me escape to all kinds of places. Not only do I daydream about visiting different countries and exploring them, I also daydream about traveling through time and space, going back into the past and experiencing some of history’s most iconic events firsthand.


In the infographic below from, you can explore some of the places that you may choose to go if you opened your office filing cabinet or cupboard and found #OfficeNarnia…



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