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E-cigarettes have long been touted as the best solution to finally quit smoking. Unfortunately, many people have given them negative reviews because they believe that smokers can’t actually quit their habit with e-cigarettes. Many studies have been carried out, but there are also many studies that point towards e-cigarette being a viable long-term alternative to smokers. With conflicting evidence, it’s difficult to tell if using e-cigarettes comes with any benefits or not.


However, there are a few obvious advantages that come with e-cigarettes. As long as these advantages far outweigh the perceived advantages you get from smoking regular cigarettes, then you’ll actually have a much easier time quitting.


They’re much cheaper – E-cigarettes are far cheaper than buying regular cigarettes. They’re stronger in both flavour and nicotine which means you’ll spend less money on them overall.
They’re better for the environment – The “fumes” produced by e-cigarettes are just vapour, hence the term vaping. This means they don’t produce smoke which is harmful to both people and the environment.
They’re more portable – It’s much easier to carry around a case with all of your e-cigarette accessories than a clunky box that you’ll need to throw away and buy more after a few days.
They’re healthier for you – There’s no doubt that e-cigarettes are healthier for you because they don’t cause health issues like throat and lung cancer.


Of course, where you buy your e-cigarettes from will also have a huge impact on the success of your journey to quit smoking. Take a look at this infographic to find out who actually runs most of the major e-cigarette corporations to find out who you should and shouldn’t trust your money to. This article is also a reliable buying guide for beginners and long-time vapers alike.


Infographic designed by:  Go Smoke Free