Do you ever find yourself feeling like your completely weighed down? The feeling of constantly battling tiredness while juggling work and all of your other commitments can leave you feeling drained. Working yourself to the bone (both at work and your personal life) can have a negative impact on your health and isn’t fair to yourself.


A well-deserved rest is needed now and then to help you get back on track. Learn how to take a break to help you recharge your worn-out batteries and re-energise ready for what’s next.


Make chilling out a part of your routine


Between a busy job, seeing your friends and family and any other responsibilities you might have, it can be difficult to find the time to breathe. However, the more you make time to chill out during the day, the easier it will become. Take a walk at lunchtime, wake up an hour earlier to do something you enjoy or make some time before you go to bed to read or watch your favourite TV programme. Learn how to switch off after a tough day to stop yourself from getting too stressed out.


When you switch-off, switch off completely


Are you guilty of reading your work emails while on leave or spending all of your time on your phone? It’s time to cut out those behaviours. When you’ve booked some time to yourself, make sure you fully take it – otherwise you’re going to form bad habits and create expectations that you don’t want to stick. Consider doing a digital detox and fully disconnecting yourself to give your head the peace it needs to rest.

Get some help


Some people find it difficult to switch off because there are other people to worry about. If you have a relative who depends on you for care, for example, it can cause you a serious amount of stress that can be difficult to ease. There are solutions out there so that you don’t have to handle everything alone. Look into respite care services with Cayon Care or see which benefits you could be entitled to ease the strain and give yourself a break. You’re no good to others if you’re worn out yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Commit to things so that you have to do them


It can be easy to cancel plans or commitments, even if they are for things you enjoy. However, when you commit to something financially – you’ve got more of an incentive to see them through. Whether it’s putting a deposit down on something or paying in full, make an effort to keep your plans so that you don’t miss out on money, but more importantly those worthwhile experiences.


However you like to relax, make sure you give yourself the time to do it. It’s important for your physical and mental health that you take a break, so make a promise to yourself to change your ways. You only get one life, so you need to live it in a way that’s fair and kind to yourself.