Most of us are far too busy. We spend our lives rushing around, dropping kids off and heading to work. Before also trying to fit in keeping the house tidying, cooking everyone a meal that fits in the with ever-changing guidelines of what our families should be eating and going to the gym to undertake the necessary amount of exercise to stay healthy.


We’re overwhelmed with advice. You have to do this, you need to do that, you can’t eat this, but you have to eat four of those. It can be far too much when you are trying to do it all around your normal life. In fact, all the advice on how to stay healthy, keep fit and look after yourself and your family can end up being quite stressful. Depending what you read or where you look, you can be both too fat, and too thin, on the same day. It’s so hard to know what to do for the best.   With so much to do and to think about, more and more of us are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. This is in large part because we simply can’t switch off. Here are some tips to help you get some rest.



Get Comfortable


When you get in from work, the best way to turn off and get ready to relax is to get comfortable. The first way to do this is to look at your home. Do you have relaxing décor? With soft shades and lighting options? You also need comfortable and relaxing seating like these Duresta sofas and chairs. Somewhere that you can sit and rest, read a good book or lounge about in front of a good film or some trashy TV.   Then, look at your outfit. To turn off after a long day, go and get changed. Get out of your work clothes and put something more comfortable on. This not only helps you to get comfy, but it also helps you to separate work you from home you.




If you’ve had a particularly difficult day, or you’ve got something on your mind, and you know you’re not just going to be able to put your sweats on and chill on the sofa, do something to channel the energy first. Go for a run, or to the gym for an hour, burn off some negative energy in a productive way before going home to rest.


Switch Off


One of the main reasons we struggle to switch off and rest nowadays is that we don’t actually switch off. Even when we think we’re relaxing with a book or watching TV, we’ve got one eye on our emails or our social media feeds. We’re still on the go online, right up until bedtime. Sometimes even when we’ve actually got into bed. Maybe let yourself have an hour after you get home to catch up on social media and do what you need to online. Then, switch your phone off or leave it in another room. Give real people your attention instead.