Kitchen decor problems? No problem! 2018 has arrived and with it has arrived our emotion to bring change. The kitchen is relatively the most snubbed section of our homes when it comes to serious home update considering the fact that guests and visitors barely step into this corner. But that doesn’t take away the significance of the land that serves us our delicacies and bears are burns and spillages. Moreover, it doesn’t really matter how horrible your kitchen has been throughout 2017, we guarantee you a heavy sigh of relief with these easy kitchen updates. Read along…


Let the cabinets breathe.


No kitchen exists without a chain of cabinets holding things that were stored back in the 1920s. Yes, we bet you (just like all of us) have forgotten what was the first thing you had placed in these cabinets and perchance remember only the last few jars of sugar, salt or beans. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that most cabinets are installed in the upper section. But what we also tend to neglect is the array of doors that imprison the hidden artifacts. You can either invest in a new set of open cabinets or just eliminate the doors of your existing ones. Arrange the items in a sensible series and voila! You finally have something presentable to look up to. We bet the bunch of tea set are loving the fresh air flowing through them. Let them breathe!


Lights, camera, action


New set of light fixtures? Amen to that. Trust us, one reason why you’re upset to enter your kitchen is that it feels the way it felt the first time you set foot in it. The same light bulbs have been ticking on and off since ages. Adjust the light fixtures and experiment multiple spectrum of your ceiling. You can place bright LED’s at the cooking counter in order to help you distinguish between the ingredients, while the serving counter can stay dim in contrast. And if you have a master kitchen room with a dining table within the premises, then a set of musical lights that play low pitch music might just add some extra flavor to your mood. It’s your playground to experiment at the end of the day.



Wall + Paper


Most kitchens have a standard tone of light shade paint on their walls. You will also find kitchen walls that are tiled with the conventional white marble tiling. But have you thought of revamping your kitchen wall with sheets of wallpaper depending on what part of the kitchen they cover. For example, a light blue wallpaper with a flight of bird installed on the window side and perhaps a forest green wallpaper near the sink to remind you of water conservation on our green planet. Also, the utensil area can have steel grey shade to match with the metallic items. Once again, it’s an open ground for experimentation. And to keep this investment budget friendly be sure to check out at Laura Ashley click here as it has incredible deals available on most alluring wallpapers. No reason left to not tick off this solution.


Accessories that catch the eye


A classic wall clock? A Persian rug hanging on the empty side of the kitchen? Or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? Maybe that would suffice. What else can you think of when it comes to usable or even redundant pieces of accessories that can be scattered in the empty quarters of your chef battleground? You can turn everyday items into accessories like a set of similar mugs lined as per their sizes creating a step formation. Attaching hooks in between cabinets to hold flower pots or a kitchenware holder. Like the set of mugs, you can even hang a channel of dark colored plates if the walls are light shaded and vice versa. Another way to accessorize your kitchen is to invest in appliances of the same color to give a consistent look. Each appliance to be placed in designated areas marked with labels/tags engraved on tiny metallic plates. A well-disciplined kitchen will help you cook your meals without adding the delay of searching for lost appliances.


The island


Could be a bit of an investment but if you are O.K. to shell out some extra bucks then installing a central island will conclude your quest for a perfectly styled kitchen. It you and your missus (or the other way around) likes to play multiplayer once a week, then a counter will be quite useful in passing ingredients or kitchenware while performing your individual duties. And if there’s a cute little infant who can’t be kept away from the eye, then the counter becomes a makeshift drama stage for the toddler. Keep the speculations aside for now; you’ll definitely discover more benefits of the island post-installation.


If you are a fan of cooking, you deserve to exist in an environment that helps you focus rather than push you to just get the dishes over with. And with the above set of solutions, we are sure your guests will find reasons visit you again and again to copy your implementations.