We live in a pretty glorious age when it comes to working. In the past, we’d be limited to just a handful of options, if we had any options at all. Today, that’s all changed; there are a million and one careers we can choose from! If you’re thinking about which path to take, or are considering changing your career, then you could do far worse than becoming a nurse. This is a job that will satisfy you and help other people. If you’re on the fence, take a read below. Below is a guide to seven reasons why it’s a career worth pursuing.


It’s Enjoyable


OK, we all know that being a nurse isn’t a walk in the park. It can be stressful; the hours can be long, and so on. However, something that’s often overlooked is just how enjoyable the work can be. Of course, there are plenty of sad moments, but along the way, you’ll have plenty of moments where you’ll meet inspiring people, share jokes, and be lifted by the possibilities of mankind. When you fundamentally believe in the bottom line of what you do for your work, it’s much easier to enjoy all the small victories and simple pleasures that the job brings. And these enjoyable moments are going to be much more satisfying than the pleasure you’d find working in a corporate, profit-driven environment.


There’s Plenty of Scope for Growth


You may start as a regular nurse, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll finish your career there. If you’re willing to work hard, you’ll find that you’re able to quickly climb the ranks, and assume more senior positions. You can do this by working hard, going the extra mile, and topping up your skills along the way by completing things like an online msn program. Due to an aging population, the nursing sector is set to boom in the coming years, and that means there’s going to be more and more senior positions opening up.


It’s a Job For Life


And here’s the other thing about the aging population: it’ll also mean you’ll have a job for life, should you want it. There aren’t too many industries that can offer that anymore, but nursing is one of them. Indeed, at the moment there are thousands of nursing vacancies available, which gives you an idea as to the demand. Whereas many other workers will have concerns about the longevity of their job – especially with the rise of AI – you’ll be able to plan for the future knowing that you’ll still have work no matter how the economy shifts.


You Can Move Around


Who doesn’t love the idea of travelling around and seeing the world? Alas, most professions are location dependent, which means it’s not so easy to pack up and move somewhere else. This is not the case when it comes to nursing. If you’re qualified, you’ll find that there are many more doors open to moving overseas than before. You could spend a few years working in a different country, learn a host of new skills, then return back home and progress even further with your career. The best of all worlds!


You’ll Be Part of an Awesome Community


You might go into your nursing career as an individual, but that won’t last very long. Soon, you’ll have found a new family, a solid group of friends that you can call upon to lift you up when you’re down, have fun on shifts with, and all-around provide a support network. The work of a nurse can be tough, but it becomes much more manageable when you have plenty of awesome people around you.


You’ll Be Giving Back


We all have a responsibility to give back, to lessen suffering, and make the world a slightly better place tomorrow than it is today. By becoming a nurse, you’ll be making your contribution, and doing so in the most valuable of ways. When the days are long, and the shifts are hard, you’ll be able to carry on moving forward full in the knowledge that what you’re doing is important. That’s not something that every worker gets to experience.


Not yet convinced? Then have a talk with nurses who are currently working, or get a temporary job in a hospital and see how you like the overall vibe. There’s a big push to recruit more nurses at the moment, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find someone to run through your options with you.