When the budget is tight and your home is small, you can be forgiven for thinking that everything you want is attainable. But how do you create more space without overspending?


Where could you really gain space


The first is to take an objective look at your home and decide where you could gain more space but, more importantly, what you would use it for. An underutilised space is the garden. In recent years, designers have been encouraging us to take more interest in the garden, expanding the interior of our homes to meet the outside and to make the most of it. If you garden is not big, then space saving rattan garden furniture is perfect, whether you choose a rattan garden sofa or a cubed dining set.


Use colour to connect rooms and with the exterior too


The outside space of your home is important. But sometimes, we give it a too defined look and that means it doesn’t look like a natural extension of the home. Colour is an inexpensive means of connecting rooms and connecting your home with the outside. What this means is choosing a similar colour to seamlessly connect the interior and exterior. And it doesn’t mean just paint either.


If you have a plush velvet sofa for example, in black or midnight blue, continue the colour theme with the soft furnishing outside on your rattan garden furniture too. Materials are also great for connecting the interior and exterior so the next time you replace the flooring, why not opt for one that can be used inside and outside your home too.


Rethink indoor furniture


Over the years, we obtain items for your home that serve a purpose, are within budget and to your taste. But our tastes change. And yet we hang on to piece or we don’t repurpose them so they can be used in different ways. An old armchair, for example, or a small occasional table could always be used in the garden under the pergola or another shaded area. Cover with a waterproof cover when it rains and they will last longer than you think.


Wooden items such as console tables and coffee table can also be repurposed to outside with no more than a lick of paint. Sometimes, creating space in the home is as much about decluttering as it is about moving things around or painting walls in lighter colours.


Update your accessories


Decorating on a budget doesn’t just mean splashing out on a tin of paint. It can mean small changes giving the interior of your home a boost. Switch up the colour scheme by:


Purchasing new cushions for your sofa and armchairs. Don’t forget to vary the sizes and shapes too. Giving your sofa and armchairs a new look, these cushions are also perfect for outdoor lounging too.


Invest in a rug to complement your new colour scheme too. Use an old rug outside for the summer season (and beyond). Great for giving a cosy feel to the patio, it also helps to connect the outside with the interior of your home.


Switch up any lampshades too, as these can give a very different glow to the room. If you have the budget, invest in a new light fitting. Choose from the latest on-trend lighting fixtures, such as pretty soft gold or the utilitarian approach of the industrial style.


Create your own bespoke focal point to a room


A large sheet of MDF covered in wadding and fabric makes for a great headboard as is a fraction of the cost of buying a readymade one. Plus, you’ll have something that is completely unique to you. If fabric is too much of a stretch on your budget, once in situ, wallpaper the headboard. Add a string of LED lighting around the top for a soft lighting effect.


Get clever with artwork


Again, rather than spending on new paint or wallpaper, why not create a new feature for a room with artwork? It doesn’t have to cost thousands or be worthy of the V&A. art in frames can be what you want it to be from a treasure trove of memories with personal photographs or cartoon artwork, as well as making your own with pieces of fabric squares or swatches, as well as pretty wallpaper mounted behind the in-frame borders.


Art is in the eye of the beholder but these ideas are simply perfect. De-clutter, repurpose and reuse, and don’t forget that space that the garden or even the balcony offers in the way of more space.


Rattan Direct has a range of garden furniture suitable for every garden and every budget.