It’s not a secret anymore that our resources are dwindling, our carbon footprint is becoming unmanageable, and at this rate of consumption and waste, our beloved planet won’t be here for much longer. The reality is frightening, but that’s exactly why we should all be doing our best to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Going “green” is easier than ever before, so we can all do it in our own homes. Here are our top energy saving tips so you can go green – at home!

Turn your lights off


How many times did your parents yell at you to stop leaving the lights on? That’s not only an extremely costly and, ultimately useless habit, but it’s also incredibly wasteful. Conserve that precious energy by only turning your lights on when you absolutely need them and diligently switching them off when you’re done. That means making the most out of daylight and maybe turning off the nightlight – there are no monsters under your bed.

Heat your home the smart way


Heating is one of the most expensive and energy-intensive necessities we have – particularly in the winter – so until you can make the full switch to a sustainable type of heating, at least consider making smarter use of your current heating system:

Put your boiler on a timer, so that it’ll come on at regular intervals during the day

Make use of your thermostat and set it a comfortable, but sensible temperature – between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius is typically recommended

Remember to switch the boiler off when you leave your home for an extended time, or use the energy-conserving setting if there may be freezing temperatures

Unplug your appliances


A very bad habit we have, out of laziness and convenience, is to keep everything plugged in and ready to go, at all times. If it’s something you use everyday or multiple times a day, then it makes sense, like the kettle. But for things you only use from time to time, you can afford to unplug them. Same goes for when you leave the house – what sense does it make to waste energy, when you can unplug the TV, the kitchen appliances, and any other thing you won’t be using?

Use solar energy


The biggest impact we can make is to use alternative energy sources, and the most convenient is solar energy. You can do that in multiple ways, most impactful of all being solar panels. It’s now fairly easy to procure them and get them installed on your roof so that you can make the most of those sunny days. You can also buy appliances that use solar energy, like cookers, dryers, water heaters, etc.


As you can see, going green doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t mean you have to go without essentials or even luxuries. All it requires is a little effort on your part, and being mindful of your consumption and the habits you have related to the way you use energy. A few simple changes in your routine and the way you live can make a massive difference.


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