Running a successful and money making blog doesn’t always mean that you have to invest into it. However, unless you’re a celebrity or have some sort of miracle cure, it’s unlikely that people are going to be flocking to your blog to see what you’ve got to say. Most of the time, a well written and successful blog requires investment. This doesn’t mean large expensive bills either. Many bloggers choose to simply carry on without making investments into their blogs. However, those investments could make the difference between being a mediocre blogger and an influential writer. Interested in finding out more? Check out these areas of your blog that you should invest into right now.




As a blogger, one of the main things that you concentrate on when you write a new blog post is the quality of your SEO. If you’re a WordPress blogger, then it’s likely that you’re using a handy plugin like Yoast to help you make amends to each blog post and make it more SEO compatible. It is most definitely worth investing into a premium version of your SEO app or plugin so that you can give your blog more chance of exposure. This will also open up the chance to add more keywords to each post and also more information to make your writing perfect for your readers. Take a look at these SEO services that could help accelerate your blog and it’s traffic so that you can find the right balance on your blog.

Website design


As a blogger you’re probably using Blogger or WordPress to host your site on, which comes with a range of different designs that you can use to build and design your blog. However, it’s also very likely that you will come across a blog that’s got the same theme as you, the same layout as you, and maybe even the same niche as you too. This of course, is a problem. You want your blog to stand out and be memorable to your readers so that they can easily remember who you are. The investment you should be making here is into website design, where they can help you design and create the blog of your dreams. Another bonus? Using website design will often have SEO services incorporated too, so your general home pages will also be likely to appear higher on search engine ranks as well as your blog posts!

Social media


As you already know, social media is an extremely powerful tool that you can use to help drive traffic to your blog. Not only that, you can use social media to build your following and also get to know like minded bloggers to become friends with. However, if you’re looking to make money from your blog, then you first need make yourself known on the realms of social media. Paying for social media advertisements will help your blog gain more exposure and help grow you as a brand name. The great part about paying for social media adverts is that they will often give you a breakdown of who clicked through and what kind of reach your advert made. This can give better insight into who your target audience actually is. Advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are far from difficult, and don’t cost the earth to do either!



While blogging is usually about the words that you type into your blog, there are pieces of equipment that are definitely worth investing in so that you’re able to keep your blog at top quality. Check it out:


  • A decent video camera and external microphone for those vlogging opportunities. Keep it looking and sounding professional!
  • A pretty backdrop for selfies and also a separate one for images of products that you want to show off. There’s nothing worse than seeing an image of a product that’s clearly on someone’s kitchen side.
  • Lighting. No matter what time of day you take your images, there will always be some sort of shadow that ruins the photo. Proper photography lighting will make all of the difference to how well your photos turn out.
  • A camera that can offer different settings like exposure to take some really artsy photos for your blog. Trust me, it makes the difference compared to your iPhone pictures.


If you’re serious about making money from your blog, then it’s definitely worth the investment. So why not spend a little to make a lot from your blog and also increase your exposure and popularity as a blogger! Is there anything we’ve missed?