Summer is here, the weather has been amazing recently, so why not give your garden a makeover and transform it into the perfect outdoor escape? No matter what state your garden is currently in, there’s always something you can do right now to improve it.


Here, you’ll discover how to get your garden ready for summer without breaking the bank.


Get tidying


The very first task to getting your garden ready is to make sure it’s clean and tidy. After winter and spring, it’s likely your garden could use a little TLC. Now’s the time to start getting the lawn ready, your plants and flowers watered and to eliminate those pesky weeds.


Focus on decluttering too. If you’ve used your garden as an outdoor storage area, now’s the time to declutter and optimise the space available.


Update your outdoor furniture


Once the garden is clean and tidy, it’s time to focus on the furniture. When it’s hot and sunny outdoors, you want to be able to sit out and enjoy it. Without stylish and comfortable garden furniture that’s pretty difficult.


These days you’ll find a huge range of modern, stylish and durable outdoor furniture. Why not consider investing in luxurious and comfortable outdoor beanbags from Cox & Cox? These provide a great alternative for standard garden furniture and are perfect for the kids. You can also invest in modern Rattan-style furniture which is known for its impeccable style, comfort and design.


Clean and restore all your summer essentials


What symbolises summer more than lighting up the barbeque? If you already have one, now’s a great time to ensure it’s clean and ready to use. You may need to remove any rust if it’s become damaged from the harsh winter weather. If you simply stored it away somewhere, you may only need to give it a quick dust.


If you’ve already got some garden furniture, you’ll also want to focus on cleaning that too in time for the hotter weather.


Consider hiring a landscape gardener


If you’re a keen gardener, it’s a good idea to get to work on your summer garden by ensuring any plants are well looked after. You can also invest in new plants and flowers to make the garden not only look better but smell fantastic too.


If you’re not very good at gardening, you can always hire a landscape gardener. If you have the budget, a gardener can come in and transform your garden ready for summer. They know which plants and flowers go together, they can take care of your lawn and even create interesting, stylish features such as a rockery or unique borders.


The above tips will help you to really transform your garden in time for summer. Now is the best time to start preparing. The more effort you put in now, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your garden when summer arrives.