When it comes to booking a holiday, the process can be incredibly exciting. Each year, we all seem to work really hard and feel really busy all throughout winter and spring. So when summer comes around, we’re very much ready for that exciting break away. However, we don’t always have one planned. And although we know that we should book a trip for next year and start saving for travel, you can’t help but want to book something now – today – for tomorrow! And even if that sounds scary, or frivolous, or careless, it’s still so exciting. Because let’s face it, you need a break! If you’ve got the holiday booked off and some money to spend, here’s how to book a trip last minute.


1. Be As Flexible As Possible


So first of all, you have to be as flexible as you possibly can. Don’t just say that you want to go on this date to this place and then feel disappointed when there’s not a lot of options left! Instead, you want to be flexible about the times you can travel in the next few weeks – and even the locations too. If dates are tough, then just see what’s available anywhere in the world for that time period, and see what takes your fancy.


2. Compare Flight Prices


From here, you’re then going to want to think about the flights. As this is where you can often spend the majority of your money. Make sure that you head to a flight comparison website and see what kind of deals are available. Because you may be able to get a steal on flights to and from a set location, then you just need to find a hotel to go with it. And sometimes, this gives you more budget to spend on the accommodation too.



3. Look For Good Deals


Next up, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re looking out for good deals. Head to a coupon site and look for Expedia voucher codes or other branded discounts. When holidays, hotels, or flights are not sold, they can go for good prices, or you can find great coupons to book before a certain date. So take full advantage of them.


4. Use Cash Back Offers


And make sure that you go through a cash back site too. This is a good way to not only get money back on your booking, but sometimes find great deals and get bonus payments too. Again, there will often be enticing offers on these sites.


5. Be Thorough


Finally, you just have to make sure that you’re being as thorough as possible with your research. Booking last minute can be exciting, but it’s also a risk. You will want to ensure that you are looking into the area, researching the hotel, and that you’re really happy about the deal that you’ve found. A lot of the time, you will be absolutely fine – as great hotels can be heavily discounted to fill the rooms. But it’s better to spend a little time checking things out than to find that you’ve booked somewhere you don’t like!