I have spent many a summer in Menorca, soaking up the sun and exploring all of the island’s very best sights and attractions.


Menorca, the smallest of the three main Balearic islands offers a holiday quite unlike any other; the island is the perfect combination of incredible natural sights and exciting attractions. More low-key than its neighbouring islands, Menorca or Mallorca or Majorca as it’s also spelled, is famous for its incredible long stretches of white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters.


The last time I visited Menorca I was a teenager on a family vacation – we’d been before and decided that as we’d enjoyed it so much we would go back again. Each time that we visited, we found more and more things to do, and totally and completely fell in love with this island paradise.


Wondering why I love Menorca so much? Below is a guide to why this little island is the ideal place to visit for any traveller this summer.


There are amazing water parks


There are now three water parks in Menorca, plus a load of swimming pools with slides, which make it the ideal location for anyone who loves to swim or is a bit of a thrill seeker. There’s the Aqua Center which is located in Cala en Blanes – this was our favourite water park whenever we headed to Menorca but now there’s an even bigger and better one, the Splash Sur Menorca which is located near Sant Lluis, close to Mahon.


The beaches are out of this world


The beaches in Menorca are really quite beautiful – I’ve never seen such incredible beaches before. Not only are there incredible white sand beaches like Son Bou, Cala En Porter, and Caleta d’en Gorries, but there are also beaches carved out of the rock, with rock platforms and blue lagoons of water, like Cala en Brut – one of my personal favourites because it’s so unlike any beach I’ve ever been too. Plus, a major benefit of heading to Menorca is that you can book cheap from Holiday Gems, to make your trip more affordable. 



The cities are gorgeous


In addition to having an array of small towns and villages, Menorca also has two main cities; Mahon and Ciutadella. These two cities are located on opposite sides of the island to one another, Mahon is to the east and Ciutadella is to the west. Mahon is Menorca’s capital city – it’s where the airport is located – and is far larger and more commercialised than Ciutadella.  Ciutadella is my favourite out of the two cities, as it has more character; think sandstone buildings, cobbled walkways and colourful buildings. Plus, it’s located super close to a range of incredible beaches, giving it even more of an appeal for me.


The food is delicious


What I love about travelling is the food. I’m a real foodie and love nothing more than trying something new, and Menorca is the perfect place for that. The food is totally amazing – there are so many authentic restaurants dotted around, all serving an incredible array of Menorcan cuisine. Some of my favourite dishes that I’ve had on the island include Menorcan chicken pot, risotto, and seafood paella.


Menorca is the place that holds a lot of happy memories for me from my childhood and family holidays. It’s the kind of destination that can cater perfectly to every family’s needs because it has so many different aspects to offer.