If like me, your partner loves doing DIY, then you might be thinking about treating them to a selection of DIY-related gifts. I know that my partner – aka The Gamer Bloke – loves DIY. I’ve also been told by his parents that as a child he loved playing builders and had a habit of taking things apart so that he could put them back together, from toy tractors to bikes and household items. (Admittedly, they didn’t always end up going back up properly but that’s besides the point, isn’t it? He has always loved DIY and for that, I’m pretty pleased as I am not a fan.)


The Gamer Bloke and I have recently moved to a new home, and that has meant a lot of DIY needing to be done, which has got me thinking about the types of tools and equipment that he would love to have access to at home. Below is a list of the selection of items that I know my partner (and any other DIY lovers) would love to receive as a gift, whether a simple pick-me-up or a birthday or Christmas gift.




One thing that I do know about DIY is that if you don’t keep all of your DIY tools and equipment together, it’s extremely easy to misplace them. I know this because previously The Gamer Bloke has misplaced his DIY bits and bobs – mainly screwdrivers – and always ends up blaming me for them being lost and then finds then where he left them and apologises. (This happens a lot with various items, from the house keys to his gaming controllers…)


Anyhow, that’s why I know that for anyone who loves DIY, a toolbox is a fantastic gift. If I was buying a toolbox, I would get one from SGS, as I love the quality of their products. If you want to ensure that when you want a shelf putting up or a new wardrobe being built, your partner has access to his tools, a toolbox is ideal for keeping everything together.




Believe it or not, a drill is not just a drill – not all drills are born equal and it’s important to realise that. What I’ve learned from The Gamer Bloke and a selection of my DIY loving relatives is that the best drills to opt for are specific brands of drill and models that are rechargeable and come with a range of drill heads that do different things and are designed for different wall types.


My new house has walls that are extremely thick – each internal wall, as well as the external ones, are concrete not stud walls, which means a commercial drill head made for concrete is required. Luckily, The Gamer Bloke already has this kind of drill head and a multi-purpose professional drill, but if he didn’t this would definitely be on my gift list for him. What I have noticed though is that you can buy personalised drills that are made to meet the user’s specific needs – this is a gift that I know The Gamer Bloke would LOVE.


Spirit level pen


I’m all for full spirit levels but realistically, they’re pretty big and difficult to store, so why not get a smaller design? I bought The Gamer Bloke a toolkit pen that comes with a range of built-in tools, including a built-in mini spirit level. How cool is that? There are some incredible mini tool kits fitted to pens, hammers, and even drills, and these make great stocking fillers.


There you have it, a guide to some of the best gift ideas for your DIY obsessed partner – these are all things that I know my partner would love and he’s mad about DIY.