I often talk about home decor, but one topic that I haven’t discussed yet is my new bedroom. As you will know if you read my blog on a regular basis, The Gamer Bloke and I recently moved to a new home in a new city. Our new house is lovely, it’s a good size and has a really lovely garden. It needs some work doing to it, but in time we’ll improve and enhance it and make it our own.


One of the rooms in my new home that I’m struggling with the most is our bedroom. It is a good size – it’s actually far larger than my old bedroom – but that doesn’t mean I’ve mastered the art of saving space and ensuring that it’s clutter-free, which is why I’ve been thinking a lot about how to maximise space in my bedroom.


Below are some tips and ideas that I’ve come across and love the idea of doing to help create more space in any bedroom.


Utilise the top five inches


Did you know that the majority of people don’t utilise the top five inches of any room? It’s a common waste of space, but if you choose to install shelves around the top parts of your bedroom walls, you can create a good amount of additional storage space. I saw this idea on Pinterest and love the concept of it. Plus, I think having shelves fitted like this will look really stylish, as long as the right type of shelves are used, that is.


Be smart about your bed


I have a gorgeous rose gold bed; it’s pretty but it doesn’t offer good storage space. That’s why I’ve been thinking about investing in a bed that offers storage space within it, such as a divan bed. I actually really like the look of this Ottoman Divan Bed from The Sleep Station – it offers loads of storage space and is stylish too, so would be ideal for replacing my current bed with.


Use vacuum packing bags


A great way to store clothing and bedding that you don’t wear/need right now is to use vacuum packing bags. They’re not expensive to buy and they are amazing for saving space. You simply fill each bag up to the marker line and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove excess air, before sealing each bag up.


Opt for a built-in wardrobe


When it comes to how you store the majority of your clothes and shoes, you will need a wardrobe. If possible, opt to have a built-in wardrobe fitted, rather than purchasing a stand alone wardrobe, as built-in wardrobes always tend to offer more space. Plus, they also seem to look nicer too, as they’re designed to fit perfectly with the room and its specific size and shape.


There you have it, a selection of ways that you can maximise space in your bedroom.