Opening your own spa is exciting, your mind is full to the brim of ideas and you can’t wait to get going to make your dream a reality! You know the beauty and wellness sector inside out and have the passion, drive and experience to make your spa become a success.


Setting up a business can become challengingbut it’s also richly rewarding! While it is easy to get carried away with the fun aspects like daydreaming of working in your perfect setting, it’s important to remember the serious side of things. There may even be some aspects you haven’t thought about.  Before you get going, I have laid out 5 considerations to make when setting up a spa.


A solid business plan


If you’ve ever watched The Apprentice, you’ll know the significance a solid business plan has in gaining support for your idea. When setting up a spa, this is no different. A business plan should cover how you are going to develop your business, your finances, marketing and sales forecasts, as well as your business objectives and strategies.


Business plans allow you to stay organised by clarifying your business ideas, spotting any potential problems and measuring your progress. A business plan can also help you to secure funding from a bank. But they involve a lot of thought – this is the time to showcase your passion and desire for your own salon. If you need detailed information on writing a business plan you can find guidance form Start Up Donut.


Target market


You may have decided on the name of your spa. Even the way you want the interiors to look. You’ll know what services you want to offer to your clients. But who exactly will your clients be?


One of the biggest questions you need to ask when opening your spa is “who are our target market?”. Once you know your target market you can begin to learn how to reach and engage with your clients. Knowing your target market means you can generate focused, more effective marketing strategies that will lead your spa to success.




There are different legal requirements that you must abide by when you open your spa. It’s important to research these thoroughly to know what you can be affected by and what practices you should put into place that follows the law. For more information on laws affecting spas check out UK Spa Association’s guides to legislation.




In addition to legal requirements, when setting up your own spa it’s important to have insurance in place prior to the grand opening. As a spa, you’ll offer multiple services such as massages, facials and manicures, however, this also comes with risks.


For example, a client could have an allergic reaction to a product or treatment which could lead to a compensation claim against you. When choosing spa insurance, it’s good to ensure that the policy can be tailored to your specific business needs. Having the right insurance policy in place for your spa means you can rest easy