cosy bed


I don’t know about you but I love my sleep. I’m not someone who can sleep in for hours but I am someone who likes to drift off as early as possible. I love that feeling of getting into a comfortable, cosy bed and knowing that I’m about to get a good night’s sleep. It sounds silly but when my bed is warm and welcoming, I know I’ll get my full eight hours, sometimes even a little more.


I’m a gal who loves her sleep so there’s nothing worse for me than a bed that’s not as sleep-friendly as it could be. At one point or another, we’ve all spent the night in a bed that’s so uncomfortable that we haven’t slept a wink. A word to the wise, if you like your sleep, stay clear of budget hotels. If you’re gonna stay somewhere, always opt for a hotel with a good rating. Of course, when it’s just one night that your bed isn’t sleep-friendly, it’s not the end of the word. But, when it’s your own bed that’s causing problems, it starts to become an issue.



The question is, how do you make your bed beautifully soft, cosy and comfortable – aka dreamy?




You need to get your mattress right


If you want your bed to be perfect for you, you need to get your mattress right. Experts suggest swapping out your mattress for a new one every eight years, as, after this time, it will be passed it’s best. Think bent springs and a lack of support. Even if your mattress isn’t eight years old, if it’s not comfortable, it’s worth investing in a new one.


There’s nothing more important than your sleep, as, without it, you can’t function properly. That’s why if your mattress isn’t as comfortable as it could be, it’s worth treating yourself to a new one. Want to know where to find the best mattresses? Here’s how to find the best. Remember, before you buy, always take the firmness into account.


The right sheets are crucial


Am I the only one who hates nylon sheet with a passion? If I’m going to sleep soundly, my sheets need to be 100 percent cotton. My favourite sheets are the ones that are soft and almost fluffy – I’m not a fan of crisp sheets.


When it comes to bedding, we all have our own likes and dislikes. If you want to sleep well, it’s important to pick bedding that you find comfortable. Don’t let the cost of good-quality sheets sway you towards cheap designs, pick sheets that you love the feel of.


Sleeping Girl on the bed. on light background


Cloud-like pillows are essential


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, nothing can beat a feather pillow. At least, I don’t think it can. However, I have friends who hate feather pillows and much prefer synthetic ones. Just like when picking your sheets you need to choose ones that are right for you, the same applies when it comes to selecting pillows.


If you’re unsure which pillows you most like – memory foam or feather, test a few out. Most home stores, such as Marks & Spencer and Debenhams, have a range of pillow types on display for you to test out. Don’t feel embarrassed about trying them out; it’s important to work out which pillow style works for you.


The duvet needs to be perfect


Last but not least, don’t overlook your duvet. It can be confusing selecting a duvet, I know. However, the key things to think about are the thickness and material it’s made from. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the duvet, the warmer it is.


As for the material, feather is the most comfortable and cosy. However, it’s also the most expensive to buy and the hardest to clean. A lot of people prefer synthetic duvets because they’re cheaper to buy and are easier to maintain. Personally, I’m a feather duvet gal through and through, but each to their own.


There you have it, the best ways to make your bed more dreamy.