I am the kind of girl that loves a soak in the bath, which means that for me, my bathroom is an extremely important space. As a renter, I don’t currently have the power to redesign my bathroom, however for when I purchase my own home – hopefully, sometime soon – I would love to create the most amazing bathroom space.


I have multiple Pinterest boards packed full of bathroom design ideas. I love being creative especially when it comes to interior design, and so I can spend hours online browsing Pinterest and coming up with new concepts that I would love to feature in my bathroom.


In case you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, below are some of the ways that I would do up my bathroom to create my dream relaxation space.


Add a claw-footed bathtub


I have always loved the opulence and glamour of these vintage-era bathtubs. They are just so beautiful. Every bathroom needs a statement feature, and I would love to use a claw-footed bathtub as that feature. I’ve seen some beautiful designs but the one that has really taken my fancy is a copper tub that is beautifully rustic and elegant, it has the oldy worldy look and feel to it. I’m the kind of girl that loves spaces that are a combination of old-fashioned opulence combined with modern minimalism and elegance, and this kind of bathtub is perfect for creating that look.


Get creative with tiles


I don’t know about you but I love bathrooms where the whole room fits seamlessly together, where there’s no divide between the flooring and the walls. These spaces are usually tiled from top to bottom, and I have to say I love this look, especially when tiles that add style to the space are used. My favourite tile style is geometric print, which I think looks really smart and stylish in any bathroom space. I particularly love the combination of various geometric prints in one space – I always think that this mismatched look adds an extra level of quirkiness and personality to the room.


Pick a unique sink


Sinks are my kryptonite. A beautiful sink literally makes me go weak at the knees. I think my passion for beautiful sinks comes from the fact that in every rental property I’ve ever lived in, the sink has always been boringly normal – think standard basin and pedestal. The sinks of my dreams are beautifully old-fashioned designs that are large, stylish, and effortlessly elegant. My favourite sink styles include Camila basins, and a range of other freestanding basins – I love the range available on the Bathroom Luxuries website as there are various designs to choose from.


Accessorise seamlessly


Okay, so technically accessories don’t fall into bathroom renovation but the fact is accessories are an important aspect of the creation of my dream bathroom. For me, a dream bathroom is a space that is on trend, and one of the best ways to create this kind of space is to utilise accessories. So, bearing that in mind, my dream bathroom would include at least one leafy, green plant in a stylish pot, a selection of smart dispensers for soap and shampoos, and perhaps an ornament or two. If the bathtub was copper, I would use this colour for accessorising the space.

So, that’s how I would go about designing my dream bathroom! Want to share how you would go about creating yours? Tell me what you would do in the comments section below!